Ado: An Adaptation of Much Ado about Nothing (50 minutes)

Heather and Jake are college students, studying Shakespeare. An hour before their test, Jake wakes Heather to ask for help studying Much Ado about Nothing. They enter into a shortened version of the play in order to understand the highlights and techniques that Shakespeare uses to make his works great. Run time: about 50 minutes. (Commissioned by Marian University Theatre Department)
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Ado: An Adaptation of Much Ado about Nothing (50 minutes)

Recommended by

  • Hannah Lee DeFrates:
    18 Oct. 2022
    I love "Much Ado About Nothing," so of course I had to read this adaptation by Marcia Eppich-Harris. This is a really effective crash course of the play, which keeps a lot of the original dialogue in tact. Plus, we get fun commentary from Heather and Jake, the modern day college kids, who try to understand the play in under an hour. Not to mention, the staging suggestions are very interesting. "Ado" is a great play perfect for fans of the original, as well as folx who are new to the story and interested in understanding it. Yay!
  • Christopher Soucy:
    16 Jul. 2022
    An entertaining and effective Shakespeare delivery system. I love a good adaptation and I especially love a good framing device, and this play delivers both.
  • Elisabeth Giffin Speckman:
    7 May. 2021
    A fun and succinct version of MUCH ADO that is perfect for high school and college students. It's part Spark Notes: Live, Onstage! and part I AND YOU as students Heather and Jake try their best to cram before the big Shakespeare test.

Development History

  • Commission
    Marian University Theatre program

Production History

  • University
    Marian University