Reading Babar in 2070

Award: PlayGround's June Anne Baker Prize for top Emerging Bay Area Female Playwright, 2015

TEN MINUTE: In the slightly distant future, a little girl discovers the high price of unchecked human development and story time will never be the same.
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Reading Babar in 2070

Recommended by

  • Charlotte Giles:
    2 Dec. 2018
    Parenting is tough. Often it is difficult to know how to steer your child's development. Bublitz paints a picture of loving parents with a five-year old daughter passionate about elephants. The momma is very pregnant and tired; her husband is kind and loving; the little girl is bouncy and independent. Reading Babar in 2070 explores the time when innocent childhood fantasy becomes adult preparatory realism. Are we ready for this future? Recommended.
  • Sharai Bohannon:
    27 Jul. 2018
    Bublitz captures that moment of childhood when you discover something and never really look at your parents the same way again. She also gives us this mass extinction that happens because "nobody did anything" that can be an easy parrallel to something that are currently happening while nobody does anything...Bublitz has a magical way with words and there is a lot to unpack in this tiny play.
  • Lindsay Partain:
    12 Apr. 2018
    What have we done? What did we do? We did nothing. We didn't do enough. Bublitz shows us beautifully in READING BABAR that even in death and in tragedy-- in the face of all that is breaking and gone-- that life finds a way. The young ones will judge us and hate us for the things that we could not save and we will see their rage and meet it with our own disappointment. But in their anger and our regret is the chance to do better next time. The chance for growth. Absolutely brilliant.

Character Information

  • Lucia
    thirties to forties,
    Eight months pregnant.
  • Tina
    Lucia and Michael's daughter. A passionate kid.
  • Michael
    thirties to forties,
    Lucia's husband.

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Emerging Playwright Award