Reading Babar in 2070

Award: PlayGround's June Anne Baker Prize for top Emerging Bay Area Female Playwright, 2015

TEN MINUTE: In the slightly distant future, a little girl discovers the high price of unchecked human development and story time will never be the same.
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Reading Babar in 2070

Recommended by

  • Emma Goldman-Sherman:
    18 Jun. 2019
    Colonialism, Extinction, Apathy, Anomie - Bublitz tackles the hard stuff here with great empathy, and it's fascinating, entertaining and wonderful. This'll get an audience to consider how our actions today will be seen by the future. Adopt an elephant today!
  • Steven G. Martin:
    15 May. 2019
    Reading or watching a Bublitz play is a complex act. This short play bursts at the seams with ideas, themes, and conflicts.

    It's about parental and cultural responsibility.
    It's about children's innocence and anger.
    It's the first loss of trust between a daughter and her mother.
    It's about our complacency toward the planet and its creatures.
    It's about future generations railing about that complacency.

    "Reading Babar in 2070" shows a future that looks very familiar, but its reality is a few degrees separate from our own.
  • Charlotte Giles:
    2 Dec. 2018
    Parenting is tough. Often it is difficult to know how to steer your child's development. Bublitz paints a picture of loving parents with a five-year old daughter passionate about elephants. The momma is very pregnant and tired; her husband is kind and loving; the little girl is bouncy and independent. Reading Babar in 2070 explores the time when innocent childhood fantasy becomes adult preparatory realism. Are we ready for this future? Recommended.

Character Information

  • Lucia
    thirties to forties,
    Eight months pregnant.
  • Tina
    Lucia and Michael's daughter. A passionate kid.
  • Michael
    thirties to forties,
    Lucia's husband.

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Emerging Playwright Award