(Short) Novelist Charles Dickens and his wife Kate Dickens speak about the legal separation Dickens initiated after twenty-two years of marriage and nine children—narratives that differ substantially from each other. A play about power and women's lives.
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Recommended by

  • Victoria Z. Daly:
    26 Jan. 2020
    So much is conveyed between the lines in this lovely duo of overlapping monologues. Each monologue would be gorgeous by itself; but, woven together, they magnify each other. Laid out through precise, poetic detail, the story leads us to feel for a woman whom the whims and injustices of a patriarchal society have left completely isolated. If only we could say these whims and injustices were a thing of the nineteenth-century past.
  • Doug DeVita:
    21 Dec. 2019
    Heartbreaking and beautifully rendered, this is a perfect ten.
  • Emily Hageman:
    15 Dec. 2019
    Absolutely gorgeous and gutting. This is one incredibly powerful short play, one that I cannot forget, every single word is so perfectly intentioned, so absolutely beautiful and devastating. This is one of the finest short plays I've ever read by one of the finest writers I've had the pleasure of knowing. Just stunning.

Character Information

  • Catherine "Kate" Dickens
    Wife of novelist Charles Dickens.
  • Charles Dickens
    Late 40s.,
    Well-known novelist

Development History

  • Reading
    The Rum Diaries Presents (UK)