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  • Cheryl Bear:
    21 Apr. 2021
    A marvelous scientific adventure for an awesome musical that spins the universe with enthusiasm! Well done.
  • Elisabeth Giffin Speckman:
    29 Aug. 2020
    "OH MY DOG" this is wonderful.

    Charming, funny, and oh so sweet, I can practically picture every page as a superbly sensational, science-errific, theatrical experience. If it's this much fun to read, imagine how FUNtastic this would be onstage!

    (Offstage voices: Ahhhhhhhhh!)

    Produce produce produce!
  • Lainie Vansant:
    24 May. 2017
    This play is fun and full of girl power. It sends a great message to young women and features flexible casting and production elements. Check it out!
  • Sheila Cowley:
    22 Apr. 2015
    Great fun and inspirational - sure felt like I needed to rush out and buy a telescope after the show.
  • Nan Barnett:
    8 Dec. 2014
    An absolute home run for fun. What could be better than a singing girl scientist on a mission through the cosmos! If you are looking for a smart, funny, fabulous show for families with an emphasis on STEM and an empowered female character look no further.