Survivors Club

Brand new, unproduced - and I'd love to get any feedback!
Four survivors of a shared traumatic childhood experience - a visit to a chocolate factory that went disastrously wrong - confront the terrifying news that a man they thought was dead is plotting to give away five new golden tickets.
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Survivors Club

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  • Maggie Gallant:
    24 Mar. 2022
    A brilliant premise crafted with great skill into a dark comedy. The many laughs come from the clever parodying of the characters from the book/film but then Jolly make you question whether you should really be laughing at long-lived trauma. But then back into the absurd with a conversation about Nibling as a definition. It's a great writer who can create this kind of dichotomy and it would only be heightened by seeing it staged, which it undoubtedly will be.
  • Robin Rice:
    7 Jan. 2022
    As the world experiences PTSD from its struggle with Covid, Arthur Jolly puts a magnifying glass to four people who experienced a singular, mutual trauma as children - and how it affected each of them. Which makes "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" ever so current - and ever so funny!
  • Marcia Eppich-Harris:
    7 Jan. 2022
    I have occasionally wondered what happened to the kids who lost the chocolate factory, and now, we know. This hilarious look at the kids, fifty years on, and their relationships, as well as trauma, is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I wish I'd written it. I would love to see this one on stage. I think it would be fantastic!!

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    Theatre SouthWest, Houston, TX