Survivors Club

Brand new, unproduced - and I'd love to get any feedback!
Four survivors of a shared traumatic childhood experience - a visit to a chocolate factory that went disastrously wrong - confront the terrifying news that a man they thought was dead is plotting to give away five new golden tickets.
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Survivors Club

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  • Christopher Soucy:
    11 Jun. 2024
    How do the survivors of some of the most disturbing childhood traumas of the twentieth century come out as adults? This clever piece explores that premise perfectly. A fun wink and nod to how tough kids had to be once upon a time.
  • Maggie Gallant:
    24 Mar. 2022
    A brilliant premise crafted with great skill into a dark comedy. The many laughs come from the clever parodying of the characters from the book/film but then Jolly make you question whether you should really be laughing at long-lived trauma. But then back into the absurd with a conversation about Nibling as a definition. It's a great writer who can create this kind of dichotomy and it would only be heightened by seeing it staged, which it undoubtedly will be.
  • Robin Rice:
    7 Jan. 2022
    As the world experiences PTSD from its struggle with Covid, Arthur Jolly puts a magnifying glass to four people who experienced a singular, mutual trauma as children - and how it affected each of them. Which makes "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" ever so current - and ever so funny!

Development History

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    Theatre SouthWest, Houston, TX