The Amphibians

Set thirteen years in the future, The Amphibians takes place in west central Florida shortly after we've passed the point of no return in the fight against climate change. When two high-schoolers unearth a wondrous discovery in the woods, they learn hard lessons about the evolution of friendship and what it means to take care of something at the end of the world.
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The Amphibians

Recommended by

  • Ramona Rose King:
    5 May. 2021
    I'm always excited by plays that address the climate crisis—I don't think there are enough of them—and this one does so from a very personal, character-driven place, which I find very effective. I also love the juxtaposition of this magical, surreal creature inserted into an otherwise totally realistic play, and there's a lot of theatrical potential—I could see this working in a really bare-bones way (perhaps having the creature represented purely by sound and lighting effects), or in a full-scale production, with an amazing puppet.
  • Chandler Hubbard:
    3 Feb. 2021
    A human and small symptom of a macrocosmic problem, beautifully rendered in the small-town angst of growing up. Would love to see this energetic work on its feet and fully staged!
  • Toby Malone:
    22 Jun. 2020
    Caffrey takes the familiar sci-fi trope of 'kids find and befriend a strange creature without telling the adults' and then considers what rising ocean levels would add to the mix in this tightly-wound pieces set thirteen years in the future. A strong meditation on growing up and growing apart in a changing world, 'The Amphibians' considers the ways in which Simone and Bryn's friendship is tested when they come across an injured, evolving creature. A really fun read.

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New Play Workshop
Hyde Park Theatre