American Made

Two inmates talk about work-life inside of the penitentiary.
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American Made

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  • Alexander Perez:
    21 Apr. 2022
    Cato fully renders this bleak reality in bite-sized form without sacrificing an ounce of truth.

    In a mere 12 pages we grow to know, feel, and care for these unfortunate souls as they pave a path to freedom despite the free market's boot firmly planted on their necks. A galaxy divides ideals and action.

    They say a good attitude is all you need. Easy to say when you're due for a transfer.
  • Chelsea Frandsen:
    26 Mar. 2021
    "American Made" packs quite a punch in ten short minutes. Cato gives us two fully realized characters battling the problems they experience while in incarceration. A heartbreaking and important piece.
  • Jack Levine:
    14 Oct. 2020
    CHRISTIN EVE CATO’s play, “American Made”, is an interesting look at the life of two prisoners and how they attempt to cope in jail. Each wants a better life, but there are obstacles. Can things change for the better? What drives a person in prison to try?

Character Information

  • Edwards
    African American/ Black
  • Perez