Once upon a Train (A One-Minute Play)

Two strangers meet on a commuter train and wish the other could solve their problems.
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Once upon a Train (A One-Minute Play)

Recommended by

  • Jack Levine:
    13 Nov. 2021
    We sometimes want so say something or do something, but our fears of rejection or humiliation keep us from doing it. The irony of the situation may be that the person with whom we want to interact but don’t, may have the same desire as us. MARCIA EPPICH-HARRIS says so much with so few words in “Once Upon A Train (A One-Minute Play”.
  • Neil Radtke:
    2 Jun. 2021
    Worth reading multiple times to grasp the many nuances of the interaction. This play does a lot to shine a spotlight on the many fleeting interactions we have every day and the inner struggles of those around us.
  • Janice Morris Neal:
    7 Mar. 2021
    I'm such a fan of Marcia Eppich-Harris's work! Whether she's writing something like this one minute piece or a full length historical drama, you can always count on her to deliver. Good job!

Character Information

  • Tom
    A wealthy man
  • Annie
    An unemployed woman

Production History

  • Professional
    Fat Turtle Theatre Company