Once upon a Train (A One-Minute Play)

Two strangers meet on a commuter train and wish the other could solve their problems.
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Once upon a Train (A One-Minute Play)

Recommended by

  • Hannah Lee DeFrates:
    26 Dec. 2022
    If only Tom and Annie could verbalize the desires inside their heads. What a bittersweet little piece about the things that go unsaid.
  • John Medlin:
    24 Dec. 2022
    How different would life be if we lived without fear? Marcia's one-minute play is an excellent example of an opportunity missed. The tragedy of could-be companions squandered due to fear or anxiety. It is a relatable tale of a circumstance that everyone has had at some point.
  • Christopher Plumridge:
    24 Dec. 2022
    How often do we sit on a train, not knowing where to look, but can't help looking at strangers, looking into strangers and wondering what their stories are? Sometimes we take the time to stop and talk, but never enough time before the next stop. Marcia brings us a brief meeting, where secretly we're allowed to hear their thoughts and I love this idea. If only they had a few more stops to really get to talk, for I am sure they would get on just fine. A great short play with a lot to say.

Character Information

  • Tom
    A wealthy man
  • Annie
    An unemployed woman

Production History

  • Professional
    Fat Turtle Theatre Company