Finalist: City Theatre National Award for Short Playwriting, City Theatre, 2018

TEN MINUTE: Three young scientists film their own destruction in an attempt to wake up to the world to the reality of climate change.
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  • Sharai Bohannon:
    12 Sep. 2018
    So this is an INTENSE ten minutes. Bublitz throws us into the action and immediately makes us spectators to something that is noble but terrifying. Swallowed is definitely a script that will stay with me for a LONG time. This would be an amazing entry for a night of short plays and/or an anthology. I would love to see it staged and would love to see actors get their hands on this one.
  • Asher Wyndham:
    4 Jun. 2018
    Wow. Definitely one of my favorite climate control plays. This is the kind of play that can inspire playwrights to write their own climate control plays or be used by theatres and non-profits around the globe. The dramatic situation intensified by crashing waves and thunder creates a spectacle I've never seen on the page and stage. An amazing challenge for designers. In the future we will be inspired by our climate control martyrs. Produce this now, share it, tweet it, this is theatre that is necessary!
  • Francesca Pazniokas:
    9 May. 2018
    Highest stakes I've ever encountered in a short play. Hits you from the first lines like a gale-force wind and doesn't let up. Bublitz shows us a desperate sacrifice that is terrifying and heartbreaking, but also beautiful in its purity. I'd love to see this staged.

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City Theatre National Award for Short Playwriting