You Can See All the Stars

Commissioned by the Kennedy Center, to be showcased at the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival 2017. You Can See All the Stars is about a college student whose life has been shattered, and how she picks up the pieces.
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You Can See All the Stars

Recommended by

  • Darin Anthony:
    16 May. 2017
    I think this is an amazing, brave, heart-wrenching piece of theater. Perfect for college campuses. I hope you all who read this are as moved and outraged/inspired as I am by this exceptional piece of writing.
  • Claudia Haas:
    15 May. 2017
    The sounds of beating wings. A college student who writes all the things she did wrong on the night she was raped. The imagery of stars in the sky and the dark below all underscore Ana's journey after a rape she know happened but can't remember. The play addresses with heart and thought our problem of rape on college campuses: the difficulty of prosecution, the somewhat complicity of the university to shield the perpetrator and the conflicts within the witnesses. It's a play that should be widely produced by colleges and high schools.

Production History

  • University
    Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (commissioned play, featured at several regional festivals)