overachiever teens fight for their lives (literally) over one thing and one thing only: the intel international science and engineering fair's $75,000 grand prize.

a decidedly 21st century asian-american macbeth adaptation.
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Recommended by

  • Chandler Hubbard:
    19 Oct. 2020
    Blisteringly funny satire combined with deep dark emotionality, yearning and bloodlust.
  • Hayley Haggerty:
    16 Oct. 2020
    beth goes to THAT place without any hesitation or qualms about difficulty or sensibilities and earns every precious second of raw, unfiltered emotions. This was so fun (and scary and terrifying!) to read, and even better because it's rooted in real life. Alex Lin does a wonderful job of capturing the characters on the page, but also leaving the reader with a strange mix of foreboding hope by the end. Can't wait to see/hear this staged!
  • Shaun Leisher:
    15 Sep. 2020
    Best modern-day Shakespeare adaptation I've read in a very long time. Lin looks at things like gender, race and class in such a nuanced way. These characters are so complex and the constant raising of the stakes for them kept me engrossed the entire time. The elements of stage craft also make me excited about how terrifying this play could be in the hands of an adventurous creative team.

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