Recommended by Scott Carter Cooper

  • the wildfire or impatient love
    13 Apr. 2021
    Read is not for the faint of heart. With an expert blend of nihilism and hope, Read's poetic voice and vision references Beckett, but their work is the spiritual great-grandchild of Andre Gide. Grotesque images soothe, while the mundane challenge their audience in a way few contemporary playwrights have the fortitude to do.
  • 7 Minutes to Live
    26 Aug. 2020
    Conlon deftly packs high art, broad comedy, and existential dread into two compact acts with four characters who navigate a single night filled with shifting allegiances. This is a fascinating work that asks all of the right questions of an audience and trusts us to reach our own conclusions. Gripping.
  • Backfill
    21 Aug. 2020
    Persechino creates a complex family world with honesty and sensitivity. A deceptively simple play, Backfill is a wonderful actor's vehicle that generates an intimacy that will appeal to a wide audience. Pereschino fiercely tackles a tough situation and leaves the audience with satisfaction and hope.
  • The Chelsea Hotel
    20 Aug. 2020
    Doherty's The Chelsea Hotel is a lean love letter to some of the twentieth century's greatest writers. From Sid Vicious to Arthur Miller, a number of literary greats visit a fledgling writer and support him through a difficult night of writing in one of the most notorious literary landmarks in American history. Elegiac and symbolic, Doherty's work here is mysterious and filled with hope.
    19 Aug. 2020
    Hayward creates a frothy romp that promises nothing but good clean fun, and then in the final moments packs a punch that is worthy of her cast of characters. The characters are vivid, the action fast paced and the dialogue quippy. A pure delight.
  • Artney Jackson
    17 Aug. 2020
    In the best traditions of Eugene O'Neill and Lynn Nottage, Tyler captures the spirit of the working class without condescension nor sentimentality. Tyler's people reflect the dire realities of today's America but his style leaves us with the hope for a better future. HIGHLY-HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
  • Verboten
    16 Aug. 2020
    Rossi's light touch makes history fresh. Characters representing a bygone era pulse with vitality and parallel modern turmoil in a way that only a thoroughly researched topic can be articulated by a masterful artist. And he can write a damn good lyric. Time with Verboten is time well spent.
  • Marianas Trench (Part One of The Second World Trilogy)
    16 Aug. 2020
    The highest praise I can offer: the perfect synthesis of Anne Frank, George Orwell, and Stephen Spielberg. And yet frighteningly plausible. A must read. Super-highly recommended.
  • Thursday at 4:00
    28 Mar. 2019
    Forman nails the tropes of romantic comedy in a unique scenario with warm, authentic characters the audience immediately roots for, and does the almost impossible: creating depth from a frothy format and at once resolving the story while leaving their audience wanting more.
  • Catherine Forever (the parasite)
    17 Mar. 2019
    Chris is one of the best playwrights working in Chicago today. Catherine Forever, as with all of Chris's work I know, is refreshingly specific while also being universal to everyone who's had a period in life when almost nothing makes sense as their world evolves into something they never expected -- and yet always knew was coming. Chris's effortless style envelops the audience and welcomes us into his world without requiring us to pass judgment on his characters. And this play is just fun.