Recommended by sheila duane

    6 Jun. 2024
    Winners is a family drama that is relatable, authentic, and surprisingly funny. There are points when I laughed aloud and points that tore me up. It's fast-moving but avoids oversimplification and stereotyping 'aspects' of the characters' behaviors.
    I don't want to reveal too much, but the playwright touches on the purpose of funeral rituals and the people for whom those rituals have meaning. In this play, the rituals are meaningful to both the living and, surprisingly, the dead who remain present in our lives.
    I enjoyed reading Winners and look forward to seeing it on stage.
  • Rendered
    12 Mar. 2024
    This is such an interesting and relevant play. I don't want to ruin the climax, so I am choosing my words carefully.
    Rendered reveals part of an American story that most people never consider. Further, many of us don't want to see both sides of the referenced event. But this play offers us that view and proves that we need to consider it.
  • FUKT
    9 Feb. 2024
    So compelling and still so frightening to read. It’s urgent, gripping, and dangerous.
    FUKT explores the complexity of love that threatens, bullies, and diminishes but fills an unconscious requirement. It explores a child’s unconditional love for a parent, even when that parent is a predator or an enabler, and the complicated nature of guilt and complicity buried in victimhood.
    How can a human being dismiss another’s humanity? Deprive, to cheat a child out of what is sacred in childhood? of a voice? Of personhood? The three selves in this play are authentic and open a spiritual door.
  • Antigone's Sister
    21 Jan. 2024
    This play is both tragic and funny. Black comedy is peppered through a painful indictment of ancient (and current) aspects of human culture. The relationship between Antigone and Ismene is so complex and well-crafted. The safety of being owned is beautifully contrasted with the elation of freedom, even in the face of death. The entire story is in the questions women ask themselves every day in every culture. It's intense.
    22 Oct. 2023
    This is a compelling play that people should read, hear, or see. It lands now more than ever. It's incredibly complex, funny, tragic, and moving.
  • The Aleph Complex
    24 Mar. 2023
    This is one of the most interesting plays I've ever read. It's powerful and intense, post-modern and personal. My heart was pounding from the beginning.
    It is hard to describe this play. I think it has to be lived rather than discussed. People who want to reach into the most theatrical visions of stage productions will love this piece.
  • Writer's Block
    22 Sep. 2022
    Writer"s Block is a very interesting combination of time-honored storytelling and the experimental breaking of the 4th wall. It is a mystery as well as a trip into a writer's dream space. Ummm excuse me? What just happened? Fun.
    22 Sep. 2022
    Box of Teeth is a sensitive and loving play that is deeper than its ten-minute running time. People were crying during our production... our actors are great but so it this play.
  • Date Takes
    22 Sep. 2022
    Playwrights at Night, my reading and production company, presented Date Takes a few months ago. What a riot! It is hilarious and unique... both traditional and experimental.
    We are planning another presentation because it has been one of our most popular performances. Thanks, Jen, for trusting us.
  • Waylay Makeover: A 10-Minute Play
    22 Sep. 2022
    Waylay Makeover is a truly funny short play that can be staged as over-the-top and WAY over-the-top. Playwrights at Night, the reading and production company I direct, has been rehearsing this and can't wait to perform. So much fun!