Recommended by Lojo Simon

  • The Storehouse
    23 Mar. 2022
    Did a reading of this piece for Women's History Month, and it was very well received. Most audience members did not know the history, and everyone was captivated. The playwright makes the story accessible and relevant -- in fact, it works even better aloud than on the page. Recommended for educational, community and professional theatres that want to highlight female playwrights and women's contribution to the American literary canon.
    15 Oct. 2020
    Poolside indulges our common desire to eavesdrop on other people's conversations. This one takes place among two bored suburban housewives who wrestle with their desire to stay attractive and relevant. A sort of sad/sort of funny take on domesticity and first-world problems. Well done!
  • Brian the Comet
    24 Jul. 2020
    "I'm so scared all the time of moving forward because I'm constantly trying to predict what will happen..." The complexity and nuance of Emily Hageman's poetic dialogue alone makes Brian the Comet stand out among TYA plays. Add in beautiful, rich relationships and a poignant and important subject matter, and this play is one that must be read and seen on stage. Don't let its TYA label fool you. It's a play for our time, for everyone. Brava!
  • Shylock's Beard
    14 Jul. 2020
    Why isn't everyone producing this play? It's funny. It's tragic. It's honest. It's about Shakespeare. It's about love. It's about academia. It's about theatre: process, rehearsal, dramaturgy. It's really well written. It's easy to stage with only four actors. This play's the thing, really. Read it. Produce it. Toda.
  • Hard Love
    11 Feb. 2020
    Is it true you can't go home again, even when you're in love? This poignant two-hander lovingly explores the choices we make when who we love is in conflict with our faith traditions. The story centers around an Orthodox Jewish woman, but the central conflict has wide applications for all of us who embrace duality.
  • Perfect
    27 Nov. 2019
    A very funny play with a relevant science theme, Perfect perfectly explores disability, parenting, social media and social pressure to be perfect in a delightful, non-preachy way. I'm thrilled to present a reading of this play and to recommend it for full production.
  • suspension
    19 Nov. 2019
    A compelling, powerfully political piece filled with huge opportunities for movement, music and drama, and yet, also funny as hell. A big bad-ass play for a bold director, cast and theatre.
  • Jump
    7 Nov. 2019
    Despite being way late to the recommendation game, I heartily endorse this sparse, soulful play. It's a moving, poetic work with great staging potential, a story filled with humanity and realness, and characters who will break your heart.
  • In His Hands
    28 Oct. 2019
    This poetic and beautifully composed drama exposes the dilemma faced by gay men who also identify as Christian. I highly recommend it for its strong language, well-crafted story and empathetic characters.
  • North Star
    24 Aug. 2019
    North Star is an exciting, theatrical play that deftly blends contemporary challenges (mass shootings, teenage bullying) with myth, magic, history and playfulness. With a robust, mostly female cast and tons of opportunity for creative staging, North Star is a particularly relevant and appealing choice for colleges, universities and progressive high schools.