Recommended by Lojo Simon

  • North Star
    24 Aug. 2019
    North Star is an exciting, theatrical play that deftly blends contemporary challenges (mass shootings, teenage bullying) with myth, magic, history and playfulness. With a robust, mostly female cast and tons of opportunity for creative staging, North Star is a particularly relevant and appealing choice for colleges, universities and progressive high schools.
  • Kindred
    6 Jun. 2019
    A stark, heartbreaking look at a mother-daughter relationship that should be easy to cast and stage, but not at all easy to watch, which is as it should be.
  • Spare Change - A Monologue
    5 Dec. 2018
    Spare Change is a moving monologue that resonates with the pain of unrequited love, a contemporary take on a timeless topic.
  • Ready Steady Yeti Go
    24 Nov. 2018
    An imaginative, creative, fun commentary on racism and hypocrisy in America, with a Stranger Things vibe. Great production and design potential.
  • The Talk
    11 Oct. 2018
    The Talk is the ultimate "generation gap" play, a funny, heart-warming gem of a short that uses specifics of time, place and culture to reveal universal truths. I highly recommend this play for festivals, especially if you're looking for good roles for women of color.
  • The Moment Before It All Went Wrong
    8 Oct. 2018
    This intriguing play is full of surprises, as well as a complex, richly drawn female protagonist who takes you on a wild ride that touches on many aspects of being a woman in the competitive, contemporary art world.
    5 Oct. 2018
    The Pact is a hug and a tug at the same time. It worms its way into your heart even though you're laughing. A poignant, magical look at being both parent and child and what it means to grow up and grow old. Specific and universal. Audiences of all ages will relate to this sweet play.
  • Age of Bees
    3 Oct. 2018
    Age of Bees is a compelling, what-if, story a la The Handmaid's Tale with exciting roles for women (and one man). Part myth, part sci-fi, this fast-paced play has lots of action, would be fun to stage, and should have particular appeal to younger audiences that theatre always wants to attract.
  • Hazardous Materials
    24 Aug. 2018
    This is a beautiful, tender meditation on love and loss. With historical resonance, meaty roles for actors of color, an LGBT angle, and characters of varied socio-economic backgrounds, this play will appeal to a wide range of audiences.
  • How To Steal A Picasso (Comedy published by Theatrical Rights Worldwide)
    6 Jun. 2018
    I laughed from start to finish reading this crazy dysfunctional family story about art and originality. I highly recommend it for professional, community and college theatres.