Recommended by Monica Cross

  • Wolf & Pig (a one-minute play)
    28 Feb. 2021
    WOLF & PIG is the perfect quarantine play! We get a beautiful twist on a classic tale, full of hope and love. It is a great Matthew Weaver play!

  • If There's Anything
    28 Feb. 2021
    These two characters have a complicated, nuanced love/hate relationship, and we learn all of that in just one minute. Scott has done a great job of painting a much larger picture in a few short lines of dialogue.

    Raw and beautiful! BRAVO!
  • When I See You, I Smile
    28 Feb. 2021
    WHEN I SEE YOU, I SMILE is a super dark 1-minute play! So scary and chilling. Made more so by the questions left unanswered. eerie and atmospheric, Elijah Vazquez gives us so much in just one minute.

    I saw this as part of the Fast & Furious Festival at Stage Left Theater online, and was totally sucked into it.

    Pure Terror!
  • Circumnavigation
    28 Feb. 2021
    CIRCUMNAVIGATION gives us a peek into the life of a goldfish. While our protagonist is optimistic, there is a much darker story beneath the surface.

    I saw this performed at the Fast & Furious Festival at Stage Left Theater online. It is a great monologue for anyone looking to add a dark comedy to their repertoire.

  • Mechanicals
    23 Feb. 2021
    I was blown away by this short play. 4 survivors are working together to perform a sacred ritual in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. There is loss and sacrifice and then the most beautiful realization as the ritual begins.

    I read this play with a group of friends, and was so incredibly moved while reading when the characters launched into a play within a play. After the struggle these characters have overcome to do this thing that they feel is so important, I was overwhelmed to read the familiar words and feel the power they had for these characters.

  • The Early Flight
    23 Feb. 2021
    THE EARLY FLIGHT challenges tropes by asking what really happens when a businessman takes the early flight home? What should he want to happen? What do we want to happen. What will his wife do! Evan envies the adventures his friend Dave has been able to go on since Dave discovered his wife's affair. This upending of expectations is an absolute delight. Feriend also gives you two options (3 person cast or 4 person cast) which each brings this play to its own hilarious conclusion. This play is FUN!

  • This Year
    23 Feb. 2021
    What a play! What a year! Even if you have no interest in "pandemic plays" check out THIS YEAR. Set in L.A. during the wildfires and pandemic, Greg Lam shows us how truly bizarre our lives have become and how we have all adjusted to going about our daily lives while the world falls apart around us. The dry humor of this play captures 2020 perfectly. It includes stellar lines such as "if I survive this but my car gets trashed I’ll be pissed."

    This play would work on Zoom, on stage, or as a radio play. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  • The Play With the Iguana Has a Sequel Now
    23 Feb. 2021
    THE PLAY WITH THE IGUANA HAS A SEQUEL NOW! This is both the title and a statement that I want to shout from the rooftops! Liz Dooley's first iguana play had me in stitches and this one follows right on it's tale. Arthur, the iguana has been doing research online - a very dangerous thing - and come to several erroneous (hilarious) conclusions. Full of great physical comedy and an absolute delight for designers. I would love an evening of Animal plays and include both Iguana plays in the mix!

  • This Play Has an Iguana for a Protagonist
    23 Feb. 2021
    THIS PLAY HAS AN IGUANA FOR A PROTAGONIST had me cackling for 10 minutes straight. My face HURT from laughing so much and smiling so hard! Arthur is a a GEM of a character, and this misunderstanding that leads to the conflict of the play is absolutely delightful. The extreme conclusions that this iguana comes to are so natural for an iguana and seem so absurd to the humans in his life.

    This is my first introduction to Liz Dooley's work, and I can't wait to check out more because this play is absolutely phenomenal.

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! So well done!
  • The Board
    23 Feb. 2021
    What a powerful 10-minute play. THE BOARD may be a play about chess, but its also a life lesson, for the for young character and also for the audience. The fierce urgency of the older men explaining chess leaves a lasting impression. Eric Mansfield asks if we would be willing to sacrifice a pawn, if we knew it had a wife, a family, a life that would be lost. This play is beautiful, raw, poetic, and insightful. It is a STRONG addition to any 10-minute play festival, and I think it would work very well on Zoom as well. BRAVO!