Recommended by Jelisa Jay Robinson

  • Ñ
    21 Nov. 2018
    Amaya's work in this play bridges science fiction and the current racial/cultural/ethnic tensions for a piece that sends the audience to question what is belonging? What is language and what is culture? What does it mean for someone to dismiss a part of them? What does it mean for someone not to resist? This is a play for the stage that needs to be seen and heard by audiences near and far.
  • Mingus
    9 Nov. 2018
    The piece has it's funny, daring and heartfelt moments. It's clearly a work that needs to be performed on stages across the United States and the world.
  • A Driving Beat
    4 Feb. 2018
    I loved the story and the relationship between a mother and her son. It was beautiful. The dialogue was solid and the story left me wanting more after it was over. I know this story will find its way to stages across the country.
  • Lipstick
    13 Jan. 2018
    Laughter. Heart. Realness. This play was a knee-slapper with a beautiful message. I look forward to seeing Lipstick on stages around the country.
  • Plastic Nest
    12 Jan. 2018
    Potter's story touched my heart. She wrote kind, quirky and funny characters that I have continued to think about for weeks.