Recommended by Jean Ciampi

    5 Mar. 2021
    Although it's set more than a generation ago, Joni Ravenna's BLINDED has a timely and outright hilarious message. Clever characters with sharp dialogue twist and tumble into a surprise climax. The fun and laughs we all need right now!
  • The Serving Class
    28 Jan. 2021
    Wonderfully drawn characters and crisp dialogue come together for this fun farce. The love triangles sift and shift and guarantee big laughs in this creative telling of a riotous wedding run-up.
  • Five Frickin Winters
    2 Dec. 2020
    Roger's struggles as a writer are the least of his worries as he gets swept up in the escalating conflicts happening next door. Adding in a sexy new woman to the mix only seems to muddy his waters even further as he tries to chart a course forward. Authentic and, at times, caustic, "Five Freakin' Winters" is well-seasoned and real.
  • The Odd and Unusual Day of Mr. Ribbitz (Radio Play Version)
    1 Oct. 2020
    A fast-paced, hilarious romp of insanity. Often a good script will make you smile, perhaps even chuckle, as you give it a read. But Jeff Folschinksy's characters had me cackling out loud. It was a much-enjoyed good laugh.
  • Two Thumbs Up
    2 Sep. 2020
    A creative and well-imagined comedy that draws you in with it's rather unexpected twists. The characters are delightfully off-center and fun. Two Thumbs Up definitely deserves two thumbs up!
  • The Beaumont Technique
    7 Aug. 2020
    This script should be prefaced with a warning: Do not consume any beverage while reading that you are not willing to snort out your nose.
  • Between Dollywood and Disney (15 min.)
    7 Aug. 2020
    A poignant and very real look at the challenges of aging and a testament to how Love always finds a way.
  • True Will
    31 Jul. 2020
    Smart, sharp and impossible to step away from, "True Will" is masterfully woven and hilarious in an intelligent way. In a script that could easily have lost its way, Triplett has enviable control and produced a great show that audiences and actors will love.
  • The Boondawgle Estate-A Comedy in Two Acts
    8 Jul. 2020
    A classic waiting to happen! As much fun as "Leading Ladies" and as endearing as "Arsenic and Old Lace." Quick, clean, clever and so very much fun.
  • ALL'S FAIR IN LOVE AND SCIENCE, a 10m comedy
    8 Jul. 2020
    Hilarious! This cleverly crafted script lent itself well for a Zoom performance and left us all literally laughing out loud.