Recommended by Jean Ciampi

  • Children of Moses
    24 Dec. 2023
    These beautifully drawn characters quickly draw you into their story - a story with authentic drama and the ultimate consequences. When is blind love called faith and when is it manipulation?
  • The Five Stages: 5 Short Plays About Life, Death, and Love
    14 Nov. 2023
    Individually, each work stands strongly alone with well defined characters and creative storylines. Woven together, Brenton Kniess creates an imaginative journey that touches on a broad spectrum of emotions. It's not what you expect, unless you're expecting the unexpected!
  • Coyote Latitudes
    25 Jul. 2023
    It's always more fun to play the villain. It just takes Camille a bit longer to realize that when she's been eternally cast as the most well-loved, bumbling villain who has ever ordered anything (and everything) from Acme. Bill Triplett's "Coyote Latitudes" will make you howl, "dahlink."
  • The Other Shoe (A 10-minute play)
    28 Jun. 2023
    Haunting, in a way that will wash back into your mind like the tide. Beautifully drawn characters in a disturbing situation. By the conclusion, you can almost feel the salt on your skin.
  • A Single Tear
    28 Jun. 2023
    Authentically drawn and believable characters create a very real interaction between a mother and her son. Despite her no-nonsense approach to life, Mama still shows a depth of compassion and a love for Jackson as he struggles with the pain of losing a first real love. You can smell the biscuits baking in this one!
  • No Room at the Boutique Hotel
    21 May. 2023
    What lovely, well-drawn characters in a beautiful piece! You can't help but have a smile on your face by the final curtain -- and probably an out loud laugh at "baby juice."
  • Famished
    16 Feb. 2023
    There's so much we all hunger for. With Lucy Wang's "Famished," I was hungry for more! Her well-drawn characters draw you in and wanting to know what happens tomorrow!
  • Next Time Around (10 minutes)
    15 Feb. 2023
    Mathew has found himself on the "Other Side" and face to face with Gabriel and Ganesh, his guides. Thought provoking and insightful balanced well with well-built characters. A strong 10-minute play worth doing.
  • Jazz Cat (1 min.)
    15 Feb. 2023
    I'm diggin' the vibe of Jazz Cat! A snappy grove between the cat daddy and the bird that wraps with a laugh!
  • Sunday Crossword
    7 Feb. 2023
    Michael Normandy has skillfully choreographed a graceful and intentional dance through a charged topic using a playful word game.