Recommended by Daniel Prillaman

  • Williston
    19 May. 2020
    Simple in premise, yet superbly layered in execution, Seidel has written a delicious and cutthroat tale that leaves us questioning our humanity long after the final words. The dialogue is rich and gripping, and coupled with the play’s vivid stage direction, actors and artistic teams would have no end of fun creating the timeless conflict of its world. I would love to see this live.
    13 May. 2020
    Conrad gives us a creepy, dense little horror both poetic in its rhythms and evocative in its imagery. You feel the dread in your bones from the characters’ first exchange, and it does nothing but build all the way to the final page. Nice work!
  • The Agency [in development]
    12 May. 2020
    Be warned, this is a gut punch of a play, but its heart is tender and keening, and so so worth the journey. Romeo’s dialogue has a natural cadence and almost brutal efficiency, and brings us into a world that not only feels all too close on the horizon, but raises fascinating implications and questions about humanity’s relationship with hope. Just as her characters will pay anything to cover their rental fees, what I would not give to see this sublime play on a stage. Theatre at its finest.
  • The Pheasant Plucker's Son
    8 May. 2020
    The charm of this play is inescapable and its comedy is the best kind...deadly serious, as well as deadly British. Short, filled with reversals of expectation, and just plain hilarious for all involved, it is a piece to make the Pythons proud. Do the voices as you read it, it’s worth it.
  • I Let Them Out
    8 May. 2020
    This is an astoundingly succinct and terrifying radio play. Everitt’s dialogue is simple and direct, but with unlimited possibilities for execution, and it transports the reader/listener to a dreamworld of absolute fight or flight. Don't look at this one alone in the dark.
    3 May. 2020
    I am almost rendered speechless at the amount to unpack. Hoke’s play has a brilliant premise that is intimately powerful, immediately addictive, and quite honestly, erotic (for all the good and bad that that entails). Using the world of graphic novels/comics (one filled with far too much sexual objectification itself), she’s penned a complex, layered commentary on rape culture, the glorification of sexual assault, and our obsession with it, all while giving actors/designers an amazing world to create and inhabit. This play deserves productions everywhere.
  • Goddess Of The Hunt
    2 May. 2020
    Never has Hemingway struck a grander, or more off-putting, shadow. DeVita’s farce fires on all cylinders, giving the audience a world both darkly madcap and beautifully real. We cannot help ourselves being pulled along for the ride as Diana whisks Charlie into her well-laid traps, and the twists and turns never fail to stop or satisfy. Part screwball comedy of old, part mythological fable, and with excellent roles for older and LGBTQ actors, this is a piece to knock you off your feet. I would love to see it on its own.
    28 Apr. 2020
    What a delicious play! An utterly brilliant premise turns comically tragic as Ms. Jolie takes a little well-spirited revenge on a married couple. The play tickles every part of the artist brain, be it acting, directing, or designing, and all in just ten short minutes. This is a powerhouse piece of writing. Stop what you’re doing and read it now.
  • Escobar's Hippo
    28 Apr. 2020
    A stellar and provocative play to stand tall (well...on all fours) with its more horned cousin! Gonzalez wears the inspiration of Ionesco on his sleeve in the best way, and skillfully adapts the old story for a Colombian setting, adding loads of additional meat and symbolism to chew on in the process. Humanity giving into its baser instincts has never been more fun. Or frightening. Chilling, efficiently hilarious, and captivating, I can’t wait to see this on a stage.
  • Hunter, Hunted, and Those Who Watch
    26 Apr. 2020
    This play is pure poetry for audiences of any age, giving them a heart-wrenching peek into the inner monologues of those caught in the cycle of bullying, whether they want to be or not. Absolutely beautiful with a build to a moving climax, the words on these pages cry out to be heard.