Recommended by Daniel Prillaman

  • Lyon's Den
    11 Jul. 2020
    Heart-wrenching, beautifully symbolic, and enchanting in its construction, “Lyon’s Den” is a deeply layered portrait of grief and the way it frays the ropes that bind a family together. Through Q, himself a fantastic, complex storyteller, Young reveals information and the history of the Lyon family organically and naturally, in complete command of the web-like narrative at every turn. The resulting stage pictures are outmatched only by the imagery of Q’s poetry, and would be immense to see realized in a performance. Excellent work.
    3 Jul. 2020
    I LOVE THIS. This play puts the audience into a tiny, whimsical nightmare, as captivating as it is existentially terrifying. And so malleable! You could stage Sheaff’s tale in limitless ways, with a cast size just as infinite. A gem for any theater, even more perfect in the hands of a movement group, this is a piece not to miss. Produce this.
  • Ida Invisible
    3 Jul. 2020
    A delightful, comic fable about taking risks and making the choice to be a part of the world, as well as the dangers of apathy and judgmental thinking, which is just “horribly offensive and reductive.” Ida is a hilariously dry heroine and the rest of the eclectic, female-led cast match her in wit. While it’s a shame (at least for Ida) to see the “happily ever after” loom so large over her head, the fallout is heartwarming, supportive and praising of the unconventional, and pure entertainment.
  • Sperm Donor Wanted (or, The Unnamed Baby Play)
    24 Jun. 2020
    Young hits us with brisk and INFECTIOUS dialogue right out of the gate, plunging us into a richly drawn tapestry of characters caught in their own web of messy hope. He also allows his characters to break the fourth wall and tell the story directly, an expert move that lets all the dread and complexity of emotions laid bare shine underneath the initial levity of the delivery. Funny and touching, with a few great “holy shit” moments, this play is a rousing, celebratory cry of life and all the unpredictable good and bad we encounter as a part of it.
  • Outgrowth
    21 Jun. 2020
    Wow. Malone has crafted a truly breathtaking character study. “Outgrowth” is a beautiful and fascinating exploration of humanity, the meaning of home, the bonds of our birthplace, and the things we unlock in each other. Peel back (or pull at) any piece of the prose spoken by Malone’s characters (some of the most masterfully fleshed out I have encountered in a long while) and you will find a deep-running labyrinth of roots to sift through and unpack. The adventure here is on par with Bilbo or Odysseus, but far more intimate and internal. Stellar work. Produce this.
    21 Jun. 2020
    A passionate, lyrical critique of academia that provokes thought and mirth in equal measure, Espinoza stitches her song with the steady and seasoned measure of a lifelong storyteller, asking questions of identity and how we might honor our ancestors without compromising ourselves. Most lovingly, while her characters all have different opinions, she condemns none of them, and they spur each other on in delicious conflict. PRODUCE THIS PLAY. It is a classic that has already waited too long for its time on the stage.
  • /ärt/
    11 Jun. 2020
    The best comedy takes nothing more seriously than itself, so it is difficult to state how much of a treat it is to see two women who take a third grade art contest more seriously than some people take their entire lives. Mmes. Notting and Crull are hilarious and over-the-top in the most glorious of ways, placing our tie-breaker in a situation we would never want to find ourselves in, but take great delight in watching. A positive, non-stop little comedy that will bring down the house, no matter the age of the audience.
  • Black Americanah for Sale
    11 Jun. 2020
    A chilling, sobering keening of anguish, hope, love, hate, and everything in between, "Americanah" is a stellar piece of theatre that demands staging. Wardally’s dialogue is poetic and evocative, and I can only imagine the ferocity and power of the images that a company could conjure with her blueprint. It is nothing less than a tour de force. Read this. Produce this. Break the circle.
  • Would You Rather
    8 Jun. 2020
    An amusing twist takes the classic game down a surprisingly cute and sex positive road. It’s always a treat to read something that makes you laugh, but even more so something where you just can’t help but smile. A great sketch-length play sure to entertain the whole audience.
  • The Reckless Romantic
    7 Jun. 2020
    There’s nothing quite like a well-placed umbrella. Floyd-Priskorn’s tale of a maid’s plight is a delightful, farcical romp that twists and mutates all the way to the close, never failing to surprise or induce copious amounts of laughter. With a blissfully unaware master of the house atop all the physical comedy, this would make a great addition to short play festivals everywhere.