Recommended by Olivia Lilley

    8 Jun. 2020
    I recently caught a Zoom reading of this by BATCO. If you're a fan of modern verse plays, but you're looking for something highly fresh and singular, read this play. Zeus and Hera mingle with original characters such as Shining and his sisters (all with light infused names). Follow Shining on a quest that feels so incredibly relevant to our current moment. Aidaa is a writer to watch.
  • Minutes and Seconds
    20 Mar. 2020
    Minutes and seconds premiered in a stunning DIY production directed by Michelle Altman at Rhinofest 2019. This play is hilarious and feels like what early Steppenwolf must have been like. It's intense, grounded in a very clear world, and so dark you're crying/laughing/screaming. This play is the only post apocalyptic play that I've ever genuinely liked. Read it.
  • Come Here to Me
    19 Mar. 2020
    This play is hilarious, fresh, and has a heart for all its characters. It paints a specific, humorous modern Irish world with a touch of American go-getterness. It twists genre: ghost story, buddy comedy. And it pulls it off.
  • The Volunteer
    10 Feb. 2019
    This is a sprawling, fascinating play about empathy and duty. It's quite original in its conceit yet entirely based on a true story. Highly recommend.