Recommended by Mark Mason

  • The Lawyer's Father
    27 Oct. 2019
    A haunting mashup of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD and THE GODFATHER, in which time and memory bleed into one another and set in an America tortured by the ghosts of bigotry and hate, in which the personal is political and vice versa. Elegiac and deeply sad yet full of passion and a reserved Midwestern stoicism, about family and the torment that's born when flawed men try and live through their sons. Memorable and intriguing.
  • Children Of Troy
    26 May. 2018
    Bold and ambitious, this is a play rich with nuance, history and darkness. The playwright writes with empathy and kindness dealing with issues of great complexity, horror and sorrow. The playwright has undertaken the task of creating drama out of some of the most challenging subject matter in the world, and has accomplished this task impressively well! While certainly not a play for every audience, CHILDREN OF TROY is definitely a play that a company of courageous artists should put on and soon.
    13 May. 2018
    What a great play, sort of a John Steinbeck-meets-Wes Anderson comedy rich in humor, history and fascinating characters from one of the great playwrights of modern America. A must for any theatre company.
  • Vampire Pirates of the North Sea, Being An Account Of The Confrontation Between A Small Band Of English And Irish Adventurers And An Army Of The Undead In The Year Of Our Lord 1605
    13 May. 2018
    I'm a sucker for a good horror play, great historical dramas, humor, pathos, and epic stories being told in a funny but still spine-tingling manner and this play delivers on all counts. Perfect for Halloween programming or for any company that wants to, as H.L. Mencken once said, spit on their hands and raise the proverbial black flag. It'd be an enormously fun show in which to perform, to direct, and to see.
    13 May. 2018
    A terrific play, evocative, comic and epic, with characters both really funny and hilariously real. Nails the joy and the tragedy of the era brilliantly, timely and deep, deserves a big production with great actors in the mood for intensity and humor and a helluva soundtrack.
  • The Amen Trilogy
    13 May. 2018
    A thought-provoking and challenging play, deep in resonance and powerful in its epic scope. Deserves to be on stage and soon.
  • Synchronicity
    13 May. 2018
    A beautiful play, evocative, haunting, and powerful. Lovely blend of the ethereal, the real, the tragic and the hopeful, with great challenges for good actors and creative directors. Get it on stage soon!
  • Eroica
    23 Mar. 2017
    I love good plays set in the mid-1960s, and EROICA is no exception, well-written and characters with real depth and passion, a trademark of Mr. David Alex. Great roles for talented actors and a well-learned lesson in history and humanity.
    23 Mar. 2017
    This is a driving, compulsively-readable play that should be given a production and soon. Razor-sharp dialogue, larger-than-life characters bullying and scheming their way through one of the most fascinating, under-reported stories in American history. Reminiscent of early Aaron Sorkin and shows that one does not have to sacrifice entertainment for meaning and value, playful and dark, comic and tragic.
    23 Mar. 2017
    This is a beautifully-written dream of a play I loved from the opening monologue: worthy of comparison to OUR TOWN and ideal for companies that want to take a risk and do something that'll touch every audience member.