Recommended by Hallie Palladino

  • And Vaster
    28 Feb. 2018
    AND VASTER is a touching play about opening yourself up to include the unexpected in life. In many ways this is a play about the emotional experience of ambivalence, fear of change and fear of mortality. Set in the world of New York theater actors, the play also has delightfully witty characters who are coming to terms with what they have sacrificed to make their careers on the stage. An honest examination of what it takes to sustain marital love in the face of the extraordinary as well as ordinary outside threats.
  • Veda in Time
    27 Feb. 2018
    VEDA IN TIME begins as a delightful send up of yoga culture, or rather a certain style of yoga cultural appropriation among privileged white women and becomes a meditation on the quest for the spiritual in our materialistic times. As Veda earnestly sets out on her journey of self-actualization she must confront a controlling master (literally a walnut tree), a group of yoga poses come to life, her own religious parents, and a martyred saint. This play is charmingly absurd while asking serious questions about the origins of faith and how we treat the natural world.
    26 Feb. 2018
    A charming short piece about connection, yearning and what makes us human.
    26 Feb. 2018
    This terrifying short comedy imagines a world where drones ostensibly used for shopping are always listening and tracking even our most casual off-hand remarks--and making judgments about who we are. This is the dangerous future that is coming now we're signing our lives away to Amazon. Battleground is scary because it seems so plausible.
  • SKIN
    26 Feb. 2018
    This ten minute dark comedy takes on a dysfunctional mother-child dynamic and gives it an absurdist twist. The result is that the power struggle between an emotionally abusive parent and an adult child is dramatized in a clever and hilarious way. With knife throwing.
  • The Light
    31 Jan. 2018
    Webb's exquisitely crafted love story illuminates not only important emotional truths but also timely political ones as she challenges her audience to examine their own level of tolerance for misogyny and sexual violence from our public figures. This play grapples with these matters while remaining a solidly character driven play with compelling and lovable characters.
  • When They Came
    31 Jan. 2018
    Just saw a workshop of this play at The Piven last night, an elegant example of story theater. Cozzola's adaptation of this haunting short story reminds us of the roots of bigotry and tribalism. At a time when the world is turning its back on refugees of all backgrounds, including children, when we deport people we've previously invited and detain asylum seekers as if they were criminals, this play is less of an allegory and more of a snapshot reminding us of our bottomless ability to rationalize cruelty.
  • The Play That Used to be Titled "1247 Likes" Decides to Go Dancing in The Cemetery: a new play with its own agency
    9 Nov. 2017
    This wildly silly play is a razor sharp satire, not just of standard dramatic tropes and familiar genres, but also of the business of theater itself. And yes, this play is so meta!
  • The Patient
    20 Oct. 2017
    This gorgeous story explores the substance of the love between a dancer and her musician husband after he loses his ability to form new memories. The language is elegant, direct and understated allowing the play's emotional arc to full up the space. The use of music and dance gives this play a dreamy quality and the ending is heart-wrenching. Actors would love to play any of these three roles.
  • ORD
    9 Oct. 2017
    Ian is tracking a snowy owl at O'Hare airport when Ellie calls to say she's passing through. A touching ten minute play about the heartache of brief encounters and long distance friendships.