Recommended by William Triplett

  • The Girl in the Mirror
    30 Oct. 2023
    The suspense in this short play builds creepily, and just when I thought I felt sure I knew where it was going, Rachel spins things and hits me with an ending that is both a surprise and entirely fitting! No easy feat, to be sure. This would be perfect for a Halloween or horror-themed festival, but it also could stand alone as a wonderful drama that's also a scary take on morality tales. Would love to see this staged!
  • Not Like Us (a ten minute play)
    10 Oct. 2023
    This little hand grenade of a play is a powerful look at how technology -- especially digital tech -- may advance seemingly at light-speed, becoming more sophisticated every day, but human nature doesn't evolve. In fact, in may devolve. I was torn between laughing at the absurd abuse depicted here and covering my eyes and ears out of fear during a reading at the 2023 Midwest Dramatists Conference. And the ending will stay with you -- uncomfortably so. Easy to stage, great roles -- should be produced!
  • Leave It
    10 Oct. 2023
    An iconic TV show from the 1950s featuring a kid, his older brother, and his all-American suburban family meets the shattering impacts of the Vietnam War. A more dramatic loss of innocence is hard to imagine. Doesn't take long to figure out who the characters are, but this powerful piece is about more than that -- much more. William J. Goodwin asks big questions here -- Was there a "right" side to the war? What did so many deaths mean? The play offers no answers, showing us instead the ongoing human toll. Beautifully done.
  • The Record Don't Stop Spinnin' for Robby Ray Robinson
    9 Oct. 2023
    Okay, language lovers with a taste for the absurd, the fantastical, and the hilarious, be advised: If you aren't prepared to be wowed by stylized dialogue that mesmerizes while telling a story that makes you laugh out loud and simultaneously tugs at your heart-strings, then you read this at your own peril. I discovered this gem at the 2023 Midwest Dramatists Conference, where it was a hit -- and it still has me smiling thinking back on some of its many masterful moments. So well done!
  • Ever After
    9 Oct. 2023
    This is the story of a fairy tale marriage -- the princess and her frog -- as maybe the Mad Hatter might have imagined it. Who knows, that may be Michael Waterson's alter ego :-). They're in counseling, and their therapist -- none other than Mother Goose herself -- is doing all she can, making us all wonder, "Can this insane marriage be saved?" Enormously fun and hugely funny! One of my favorites at the 2023 Midwest Dramatists Conference.
  • Sputnik
    9 Oct. 2023
    Who knew a pro wrestler had a big hand in the Civil Rights movement in Tennessee in the early 1960s? This romp of a play weaves a lot of history into the narrative of a truly larger-than-life character who happens to have been real, Roscoe "Sputnik" Monroe. Everett Robert uses a sort of kaleidoscopic structure -- perfect for this story -- to shine a light on a truly strange but true life that will have you smiling as much as thinking and reflecting. Great job!
  • Brian's Poems
    9 Oct. 2023
    This is one of those emotionally intense plays done in real time -- rare, in my experience -- and it hooks you from the start. What seems to be a near-futile attempt to retrieve a missed opportunity for love evokes sympathy and understanding, not to mention some wonderfully placed laughs. Caught a reading of this at the 2023 Midwest Dramatists Conference, and feel very lucky I did. Larry Rinkel knows how to find the humanity in loss. Really enjoyed this.
  • Camel Girl
    9 Oct. 2023
    Yes, she's part camel and part girl. At least that's how she's been making a living, convincing paying audiences to see the freak of nature she claims to be. Then a reporter shows up wanting to expose her con. But who's really getting conned? And who is the real human with a real soul? These and other questions fly about in Deb Cole's wonderful short play, which I had the pleasure of attending a public reading of at the 2023 Midwest Dramatists Conference. So pleased to recommend this gem.
  • Sanctuary City for the Unborn
    9 Oct. 2023
    This on-target satire is laugh-out-loud funny about a movement that is all-too-serious in our national culture right now. Like all good satire, it is sly, too, making you think amid the guffaws. Enjoyed it immensely at the 2023 Midwest Dramatists Conference. I can't imagine an audience that wouldn't!
  • Beauty & the Grit
    9 Oct. 2023
    Another terrific play I caught at the 2023 Midwest Dramatists Conference. Two characters, seemingly mismatched, with clashing ideas of their future take us on a ride with lots of alternating funny and poignant moments. Both Liz and James are endearing in their own very different ways, and you can't help but want to know what will happen to them. Easy to stage -- should be done!