Recommended by William Triplett

  • Cleo's Clients
    5 Apr. 2023
    This is such a witty, laugh-out-loud tale (tail?) of a well-adjusted sex worker dealing with some seriously maladjusted clients. That alone can carry you through the fun, but Chris Plumridge sneaks in various mirrors of social and societal hypocrisy that give the laughs an edge. Great roles for all characters, full of possibilities for a director, and a budget-friendly set and costumes for a producer. This would be so fun to see on stage!
    6 Feb. 2023
    Such a wonderfully absurdist skewering of the times we live in! Fast-paced, quick-witted, sharp-eyed, sure-handed and simple to produce/stage. Does anything or anyone ever really change? Is it even possible? Marguerite Louise Scott has put some hilarious thoughts into action along those lines.
  • Missing
    20 Nov. 2022
    I was completely drawn in by this compact and creepy tale that is a timely look at obsessive delusion. How do you reason with the unreasonable? With someone who can’t distinguish between reality and fantasy no matter how many facts are presented? Who is willing to do anything to keep her illusions? Talk about scary! Plus great roles for female actors!
  • My Friend
    20 Nov. 2022
    So much happens in this psychological horror drama! Once again, RFW launches the story at a quick pace – and it only gets quicker. I was kept off-balance as to how the story with the awful school mates would play out, and flat out surprised by the ending. Very atmospheric, very un-nerving, and very interesting!
  • Ghosts
    20 Nov. 2022
    Looking for a crime drama with a twist of the knife in the soul? With two strong female characters? This dark gem takes the conventional narrative of mysteries and shapes it for its own poignant end that’s far more interesting than the simple answer to the question of who done it. To say more would give away too much. Another page-turner that made me want to see it on a stage.
  • Samantha's Friend
    31 Oct. 2022
    Talk about a cautionary tale of suspense and the supernatural! And of the way lives can go in so many different directions depending on a single decision. At the center is young Samantha and her imaginary friend. Who may not be so imaginary. I loved all the layers, and how I felt more emotionally involved with every curious turn in this deceptively simple story. Wonderfully done!
    10 Jul. 2022
    Despite being steeped in Soviet-era realpolitik--with all its paranoia, suspicion, and fear--and even amid so many shrewd observations on the utilitarian uses/purposes of memory, this mesmerizing story at its heart pulses with the very human cost of history based not on truth but on the needs of who writes it. Or maybe more accurately: who rewrites it. A moving tale about the soul-crushing power of systemic lies, and what people do to survive that.
  • Hazard Pay
    7 Jun. 2022
    A young couple sits down to what seems like a normal, simple dinner -- and what happens is anything but normal or simple. In the brief span of ten minutes, Lainie Vansant evokes tension between two people who love each other -- a tension that can't be escaped in today's America. Fear, safety (especially of children), and parental roles become a recipe for poignant conflict that resonates with the times. Well done!
  • The Disappearance of Greta
    31 Jan. 2022
    This well-told mystery set in Nazi Germany plays with all the archetypes and patterns you've come to expect from stories of that time, but just when you think you're in the middle of something familiar, the author throws a curve ball. And then another. And soon things are spinning and you want to find out what's really happening. A compact, easy set that producers will love and some great roles for eager actors ready to dive into a mind-bender of a play. Well done!
  • Fable
    23 Sep. 2021
    People say "hoot" and "campy" all too often, but I don't think you can say either one enough about this play that is truly fabulous (ducking). More important, amid the delicious bitchiness of showbiz monsters, Doug DeVita spins a tale of great heart and feeling, of sibling rivalry and toxic parenting, and the iron will it takes to survive it all no matter how deep the wounds suffered along the way. Then there's the sheer theatricality that's sure to dazzle an audience. A bravura piece, a marvelous accomplishment!