Recommended by Matthew Paul Olmos

  • Black Escalade
    23 Jul. 2020
    Caitlin creates a world which slyly hijacks male excess and power, and subverts it into a space where Ros and Dee can ultimately find connection; despite the tricked’out, technological world which suffocates us all. Her language and theatricals lift off the page and tease at what this celestial play would feel like in three’dimensions; onstage where it belongs. A stunningly constructed excursion of women resisting those that held power against them.
  • Modern Swimwear
    23 Jul. 2020
    An intimate lens of the waking moments before a privileged male commandeers a person who attempted loving them; while at the same time giving space to a woman and her art which was never received. With delicate craft, meticulously drawn characters, intricately nuanced moments, and societal atmosphere, Caitlin builds a heartbreaking tension which reflects a tragically universal exchange between human beings.
  • Neighbors: A Fair Trade Agreement
    8 Jun. 2020
    This play looks intelligently at the relations between the U.S. and Mexico, but does so in a way which brings into focus the ridiculous of what has become between countries. Cubria has a way of pulling you into a world where we find ourselves laughing, but then realize the political depth of what we just laughed at. "Neighbors" looks at what community could be.
  • The Giant Void In My Soul
    8 Jun. 2020
    Though the beautiful use of comedia and the rather deep notion of a Fool, this play continues a smile across your face while the "characters" venture into the large questions of being alive. Cubria has created his own world, making newly relevant theatrical traditions to help us find our way through the world we currently live in. A play of deeply felt joy.
    9 Dec. 2018
    A beautifully poetic take on a brutal reality in our world, which is what makes this piece and theatrical expression so effective.