Kathryn de la Rosa

Kathryn de la Rosa

anti-imperialist filipinx-kentuckian

full moon baby
former college newspaper astrologer
future liberation theologian

19–20 dramaturgy apprentice @ actors theatre of louisville
literary assistant @ the new harmony project 2019


  • pasyon play part 1
    (in progress; draft published 2021.04.09)

    part 1 of 3, 1970: a family stages Christ's death in the aftermath of the First Quarter Storm, with steel nails and real blood.
  • Holy Virgins
    western kentucky, 2012. sam, marina and jesse are about to be confirmed catholics, licensed drivers, and suspended from immaculate conception high school for a satanic prank or the vatican decree against communism, depending on who you ask. a sour-sweet dark comedy about queer girlhood, forgiving your mom, and what to believe.
  • The Best Day
    a filipino mom + her daughter's college orientation + the 1989 world tour = an unwelcome, expensive surprise.
  • Ribs
    “did you know spinster age is 22?” 21-year-old liha asks her 21-year-old roommates. female friendship and ferocity thrive in four honors students' rented refuge from the horrors of undergrad, where they negotiate power and pedagogy, develop their politics, and follow colton underwood's season of the bachelor. not necessarily in that order.