Recommended by John Minigan

  • Cat's Pajamas
    23 Jun. 2017
    This is a lovely, quiet and sensitive piece. We experience the deeply intertwined lives of a middle-aged man and a young woman whose connection in the past was life-changing, but whose growing connection over the several weeks of the play may be even more life-changing for both. Beautifully imagined picture of how the tragedies in life can bring us to new connections and understandings of "self" and of "other."
  • Burning Up the Dictionary
    18 Jun. 2017
    The clear, simple, staccato dialogue in this play is a perfect metaphor for the way even our most clever and adept attempts to frame and express our feelings do little to capture the depth of those feelings. These two characters struggle on their own and together to describe and codify "intimacy," sometimes convincing themselves they've succeeded and sometimes convincing themselves they've failed. Throughout the whole play, the depth of their heartbreak and longing are palpable and devastating. Lovely work!