Recommended by Kathleen Jones

  • The Berlin Diaries
    1 Jun. 2018
    I absolutely love this play. I came across it in the library at New Dramatists and just couldn't put it down. Such a moving, personal story about the family and Holocaust's far-reaching devastation. I loved how simple and theatrical Stolowitz's language is. Thank you for such a beautiful story.
    30 May. 2018
    This is one of my absolute favorite plays. I read this in the library at New Dramatists, where Tien is a resident, and it really... ah I only have cheesy things to say. Restored my faith in theatre. It's a breath of fresh air. It's a fierce, feminine, purely theatrical story that could *only* be told onstage, a beautiful coming of age story that you don't get to see often on regional stages. Everyone produce this play!
  • Sensitive Guys
    12 Sep. 2017
    All college theaters should produce this play. It's amazing and subtle and honest and smart. Go MJ go!
  • The Mage Knights of Eternal Light
    5 Mar. 2015
    This is a really moving play. Though it's targeted to teens, truly all ages loved it. The characters are fantastical yet still relatable. I enjoyed myself throughout the entire production. Really great job, Zeitler!
  • Hooded or Being Black for Dummies
    5 Mar. 2015
    This is a really outstanding play (even though I've heard the insta-loving WG's got cut). It's new and fresh and you haven't read anything like it.