Recommended by Vince Melocchi

  • to fall in love with anyone...
    21 Apr. 2021
    Such an excellent read. Clever, fun and smart with well drawn characters, this play really shines. A terrific piece of writing. Bravo!
  • Hyannis
    13 Dec. 2020
    A wonderful story filled with fully drawn, compelling characters. The plays dialogue flows, never once feeling false or forced. Once I started reading, I couldn't stop. All HYANNIS needs is a champion from a major rep theatre and I'm sure it will have a nice, long regional life.
  • It's an Espresso Drink with Foamy Steamed Milk
    24 Nov. 2020
    What a gem! A well crafted play that brought a whole world to life in just 2 minutes. Bravo!
  • New Love
    2 Jul. 2020
    What a gem of a play. A terrific, well written story that moves smoothly and kept me wanting more. You'll have no trouble finding actors wanting to play these roles, as they are so well written! Congrats!
    9 Jun. 2020
    Yes! Wonderful dialogue, terrific characters and an engaging story. Well done!!!!
  • Welcome to Matteson!
    8 Jun. 2020
    Wonderful characters wrapped inside a terrific story that unfolds beautifully. I'd so love to see this staged!
  • Will Somebody Give Me a Sandwich
    21 May. 2020
    In a few pages, the writer paints a picture that will be forever in my memory. I'd love to see this play staged at some point. Excellent work.
  • Capsmittment
    27 Mar. 2020
    What a clever, fun play! I'm a huge hockey fan and I have to say all the right notes were hit in terms of the sport. And the script itself is a nice little gem. any theatre festival would do well to produce this. Very natural, realistic dialogue with an engaging story.
  • The Portrait
    15 Jan. 2020
    A lovely, poetic play that really captures the essence of Venice and it's art world. The play is funny and touching, with eclectic, colorful characters I came to love. I'd really enjoy seeing a production of the THE PORTRAIT at some point. The play deserves one!
  • Disposable Necessities
    26 Dec. 2019
    I had the good fortune of hearing a reading of DISPOSABLE NECESSITIES a year or so ago and recently I saw a production at Rogue Machine Theatre in Los Angeles. The play was very good before, but it's great now. Neil is one of the most clever, insightful writers I know and this play is all that and even more. The play blends a nice sci-fi element with a human touch. Read -- or better yet -- SEE -- this play!