Recommended by Vince Melocchi

  • Apple Season
    13 Feb. 2019
    One of those plays I just could not stop reading. Rich characters, engaging story and a powerful ending, I cannot wait to see this on stage.
  • Ashes
    10 Feb. 2019
    Wow. What a terrific play. The kind of work that actors want to do, and writers wish they had written. Awesome stuff!
  • The Lady Demands Satisfaction
    3 Feb. 2019
    When I see a play I really like, I'll get a copy of the script (if I can) to see if it was the production, the script or both. In the case of THE LADY DEMANDS SATISFACTION, I'm happy to say it was both. I saw the play in Los Angeles which proved to be a great evening of theatre. The direction, stage combat and actors were all top notch. The real treat, however, was reading the play itself. What a terrific script Mr. Jolly has written! Loved it!
    3 Feb. 2019
    I loved the effortless blend of humor and heartfelt emotion. The characters in this play really popped off the page. I’d love to spend some time hanging out with the patrons of Miracle bar. Well done!
  • The Stain
    29 Aug. 2018
    A really terrific play with twists and turns that are uncomfortable, funny and sad (in a good way). The dialogue is very natural and moves at a nice pace. I'd love to see a production of THE STAIN.
    17 Jun. 2018
    I was fortunate enough to see a reading of this at EST last year. The play stayed with me for a couple days after. The work here never settles for the obvious and just when you think you've figured things out, the writer sends you another surprise. If you get a chance to read or see this play, I'd highly recommend doing so!
    1 Jun. 2018
    Touching and funny. One of those plays that has it less than 10 minutes. Well done. I'd love to see HOMER staged somewhere.
  • Please Don't Ask About Becket
    24 Jan. 2018
    I saw a production of this play in Los Angeles last year and fell in love with the characters, the world they live in and the story as a whole. This play is a really great journey.
  • Hitler's Tasters
    24 Jan. 2018
    Hitler's Tasters is really clever, smart, funny and all the best ways. I loved every minute of it. Highly recommended!
  • Birdbrain
    9 Aug. 2015
    Lovely play. I was fortunate enough to see the workshop at Pacific Resident Theatre. A moving, thoughtful play that made for a terrific evening at the theatre.