Recommended by Lyra Nalan

  • Essential Starlite
    7 Aug. 2020
    A poignant genre-bending "superhero" dark comedy, exploring the roles of people with disabilities in the “abled” capitalistic world, how the government, with the aid of media and the mass, manipulates these “extraordinary” individuals to sacrifice themselves willingly for the “greater cause." Heartfelt, timely, tragic but also incredibly funny. Designers will have such a fun time doing this visually exciting piece. Highly Recommend.
  • The Human Capacity
    25 Jun. 2019
    Like the title suggests, it is a play about Human Capacity-- to hurt, to protect, to hate, to love, to repent, and to forgive...It is a deeply moving, disturbing period piece commenting on the sad theme in our history--one person carries out atrocious deed to an innocent individual and justifying it as "following the orders". And can that person or should that person ever forgive the perpetrator? Who's there to blame for a tragedy this scale?
  • Ushuaia Blue
    25 Jun. 2019
    Ms Svich's writing is cinematic, poetic, full of compassion and ANXIETY for human race and our future generations. While using humor to allow the audience to breathe through the heavy subject, she does not refrain from reminding us of the inevitable consequence of global warming and excessive human exploitation. Disturbing, moving, and timely.
  • That's Fucked Up
    10 Jun. 2019
    Powerful, intimate play about four college friends whose relationship f*up as they get closer to their personal truth, resonating Annie Baker's arrested development characters in The Aliens and The Flick, but so much MORE!