Recommended by Donna Latham

  • Karlie's Jitters (Monologue)
    10 May. 2024
    A dark, haunting, and compelling portrayal of intergenerational trauma. For Karlie, it's not complicated: She won't forgive her mother's past abuse and neglect. Her fiancé and his own mom, red flags flapping, press Karlie to forgive and invite Mother to the upcoming wedding. Girl, run! This powerful and complex monologue, with emotions burbling above and below the surface, will make an incredible audition piece.
  • Just Desserts (one minute play)
    31 Mar. 2024
    Haunting and powerful. With a scant 30 words, Marilyn Ollett crafts a gripping, heart-wrenching piece that gave me shivers. This brilliant piece leaps off the page, and I’d love to see it staged.
  • The "Haunted House": A monologue
    31 Mar. 2024
    The treat of suspense meets the trick of a twist ending. A great humorous piece for all ages that I’d love to see in a Halloween festival.
  • Hello?
    4 Feb. 2024
    I love this shivery little play’s twists! From a squeaking floorboard in the opening, it grabbed me and kept me on the edge of my seat. Perfect for a line-up of spooky shorts.
  • To Love Alone
    20 Jan. 2024
    Sweet and salty! A witty love note to meet cutes that’ll be a delightful addition to festivals. When strangers Jill and Curt cringe over cheesy Valentine’s Day cards in a store, the two grounded but isolated souls make a hopeful connection. TO LOVE ALONE left me cheering them on and wanting more.
  • Dolls
    19 Jan. 2024
    I love this! On one level, it’s a confrontation launched by a privileged, harried mom over the last remaining princess doll. On deeper levels, it explores entitlement, racial tensions, gender norming, and even its sibling, toxic masculinity. Surprises, twists, and meaty roles for women build a powerful play.
  • The NRA Field Guide To The American Family (or a Vision for a More Perfecter Future)
    14 Jan. 2024
    Beaver Cleaver meets the NRA. Cern's brisk, biting dark-dark comedy satirizes the horrors of school shootings. Daughter, wearing her favorite pink dress, makes the ultimate patriotic sacrifice, and her family rejoices at the news. A powerful absurdist piece that invites intriguing staging possibilities.
  • Thoughts and Prayers
    3 Jan. 2024
    Powerful and chilling. Dan Taube has created a play that’s urgent and theatrical. I love the use of direct address to create an unflinching, wrenching concert piece that breaks through our numbness and appeals to our humanity.
  • Backyard Stonehenge
    2 Jan. 2024
    I’d love to see this tender love story on stage. Playwright Jacquelyn Floyd-Priskorn has created a bittersweet gem that's at once gentle and intimate, funny and theatrical. Set design, staging, and physical comedy possibilities are delicious. TJ and Kendra put in the physical and emotional work to repair a rough patch in their marriage; TJ’s mini henge makes a monumental task more manageable. The ending took me from a sweet, “Aww” to a laugh-out-loud with a perfect pay-off.
  • Lou And Bud Kill Their Dad
    28 Dec. 2023
    The stunning opening launches a gripping and theatrical horror play that kept me on the edge of my seat. Darkly comic moments and riveting monologues create an intense, haunting exploration of trauma. Two gifted actors will kill in these powerful roles.