Recommended by Kevin King

  • Better (Full-length)
    31 May. 2022
    I love this play. From the character descriptions, to the fantastically real dialogue, to the slowly-revealing plot. Gatton’s play is smart, dark and disturbing, and relatable. It will sit with you for a while. And that ending…
  • Christmas Stories
    23 Nov. 2021
    This is quite a ride, a very sweet ride. It's a fun play focusing on the real value of gifts, and indeed, what gifts are. It's also hilarious. At one point, I audibly gasped while reading it.
  • The Naughty List
    23 Nov. 2021
    This is a lot of fun! It's a crazy idea that absolutely works. LeBlanc's characters are perfectly suited for a mob drama and ...a holiday classic. LeBlanc does a great job of capturing the feel of a mob narrative while being extremely silly.
  • Children's Letters To Satan
    22 Nov. 2021
    This is a hilarious play. It strikes a perfect chord between sincerity and being completely over the top. It's a wild ride and would be amazing to see on stage. This is the kind of anti-sentimental holiday programming I'd love to see!
  • At The Wake of a Dead Drag Queen
    28 Oct. 2021
    This is a fantastic tour de force of a play! It’s an entrancing story and the way the characters gracefully become other supporting characters reminds you of the magic of the theater! I fell in love with the characters, the rhythm of the dialogue, and the structure of the play.
  • Man & Wife
    27 Jul. 2021
    This is a fantastic read and would be incredible to see staged. It’s an honest look at (indictment of?) modern marriages and relationships. It also treats the characters fairly and compassionately, while not letting them off the hook. Goldman-Sherman tackles much more here - transphobia, the sometimes-forgotten legacies of how we were raised, politics in our polarized world. This is a great and theatrical work!
  • It's Not Gossip If I Say It to Your Face
    27 Jul. 2021
    This is a hilarious romp! You know all those gossipy stories you tell your friends and relatives about other friends and relatives? This play is about what happens when those worlds suddenly collide! Great characters and fantastic fast-paced dialogue!
  • Hey
    12 Jul. 2021
    This is a fantastic, moving, slice-of-life piece that perfectly captures the burgeoning longing of queer youth and the shame that too often comes with it. It's also a realistic and yet, somehow, idyllic representation of how parents and family can unknowingly shape the paths queer kids take.
  • Fable
    7 Jun. 2021
    In FABLE, DeVita has constructed a great play that serves as fascinating behind-the-scenes “making of” the musical Gypsy. It goes well beyond that, asking questions like which is more important: truth or just verisimilitude? Does it matter HOW you are remembered if it means you aren’t forgotten?

    This is a well-written, creatively conceived play that would be fascinating to see on stage!
  • Hairdresser on Fire
    23 May. 2021
    This is realistic and powerful look at an obsessive relationship. It's great to see plays like this that are focused on LGBTQ+ characters who get to live nuanced lives, for better (and in this case) or worse, just like straight counterparts. This is a well-crafted play with nuanced supporting characters. It's smart, funny, and sad.