Recommended by Kevin King

  • MISFIT, AMERICA: An American Western With Color
    2 Sep. 2019
    Diaz-Marcano is so at home in presenting magical realism. He's equally at ease working with under-represented voices, be they Latinx, Native American, or trans. Misfit, America is a tour de force tale that turns the western genre on its head and inside out. He shows an intimate empathy for his protagonists and his characters speak with sharp dialogue that is both elevated and real.
    14 Jun. 2019
    This is a sweet, loving depiction of a older gay man facing homophobia. It's a touching look at how LGBTQ pride can be found, and held onto, everywhere, in the face of adversity - even in nursing homes.
  • Lipstick
    14 Jun. 2019
    This is a fast paced hilarious modern queer sex farce. It’s smart, ridiculous, outrageous, and super queer! I loved this play!
  • A Humble Path
    2 Jun. 2019
    This is an unexpectedly dark and riveting monologue! I was vaguely horrified and disgusted through the set up, and couldn't look away. And then, at the end, I smiled with cold satisfaction. I really enjoyed this!
    1 Jun. 2019
    This is an insightful and powerful play exploring identity and family, and people in the pursuit of living their dreams and authentic selves. This is a funny and moving play that floats on Yan's control of language.
  • I Saw Jesus in Toa Baja
    27 May. 2019
    Diaz-Marcano has crafted a marvelous modern day, Puerto Rican Dr. Seuss tale. His lyricism and command of imagery and storytelling are beautiful. This play is about the long-lasting struggled in Post Maria Puerto Rico; it's about finding optimism and hope in dire circumstances; and faith and grace- however that looks to you.
    27 May. 2019
    In YOU MOTHER, LaRussa has created a taut portrayal of two women dealing with loss and crisis. She does a great job maneuvering the reader's/viewer's loyalties from one woman to the other. It's a tense reflection on school gun violence. It also asks the reader to consider the boundaries of personal responsibility.
  • Catching Lemons
    25 May. 2019
    Pisaturo's play gives us a lovely and gentle reminder of the continued significance and importance of coming out. It also gives a powerful caution against delaying making the choice to live your truth or you'll miss the opportunity of sharing who you are with the important people in your life.
    24 May. 2019
    Asher has created a real, and extremely adorable kid with unbounded passion for nature... especially turtles. Asher has layered in fantastic details - the costume, the fact that the letters on the kid’s sign are blurred- that argument the reality his dialogue creates. And the drawings are so much fun and manage to add a deeper layer to the play.
  • Cafe d'Automatique
    15 Mar. 2019
    This is a hilarious and witty parable about modern dating and honesty. It's fun magical realism!