Recommended by Dan Caffrey

  • Toxic Norse-culinity
    8 Sep. 2022
    Hot damn, just a really, really, really funny play with a good message that continues to surprise even once the game is established. I love that the emotional core of the script has to do with human sacrifice. Definitely didn't see that coming. Such fun stuff!
  • Shark Week
    7 Sep. 2022
    So much greatness going on here, from how friendship gets complicated by seismic life events to the messiness of teen romance to one of the best anthropomorphic sharks to ever grace the stage. Thoughtful, inventive, moving, surprising, and just a ton of fun!
  • Big Happy Days
    6 Sep. 2022
    Laughed my ass off while watching/reading this. I love how it starts off leaning into the characters' archetypes, then slowly peels back their veneers to reveal warmth, depth, and unity. A supremely funny, moving, and satisfying play.
  • Domestic Help
    5 Sep. 2022
    Surreal and lonely and unsettling while still possessing a very human heart. I was completely drawn in by the mystery of it all, which has a lot more to do with the characters' internal worlds than any plot logistics. Loved it!
  • We're All Girls Here
    3 Sep. 2022
    Really funny (yet at times unnerving) play about girlhood and the overwhelming nature of adolescence. I especially enjoyed the subversion of clown imagery and how it takes on a greater symbolism. That's all I'll say; just read/produce it!
  • Chemistry
    2 Sep. 2022
    So effortlessly sweet, and yet reveals a surprising amount of depth by the end without losing its charm. There's something refreshing about watching a conversation between two strangers build and build and build until it's asking meaningful questions about romance, physical affection, and yes, science.
  • Thank You, Porcupine
    1 Sep. 2022
    A beautiful meditation on our responsibility to the Earth, and how that might intersect with both our personal flaws and strengths. I was haunted by the Alaskan mythology of the piece while still being incredibly moved by the warmth of the central father/daughter relationship. Just lovely work, and I hope to see it fully staged someday!
  • All Things Considered, It Was Probably the Most Productive Meeting The Escondido Unified School District PTA Ever Had
    12 Aug. 2021
    I have no idea if A.J. Ditty has kids or not or wants or them or what, but I feel like he captured what it feels like to be a parent during the pandemic in all its messy, funny, heartbreaking glory. Such true-to-life Zoom humor (Zoom-or?), too. Excellent stuff!
  • After the Fall Before the Storm
    12 Aug. 2021
    A touching portrait of two men doing their best—yet still struggling—to be honest with themselves and each other. I love how it heavily focused on historical events without being too expositional or exploitative. Excellent short!
  • Prefers Bright Indirect Light
    9 Aug. 2021
    Lovely short play about both the internal lives and external needs of plants that isn't afraid to compare their own existential quandaries to our own. Really fun (and sometimes lonely) stuff!