Recommended by Enid Brain

  • No Mercy
    4 Apr. 2022
    Behind how funny and entertaining this piece is, lurks a real rage. A rage at what latine artists have to face, a rage at the way culture is processed and sold, and a rage at the very entertainment that gave birth to this play. It's an unrelenting and unapologetic primal scream from someone who I legitimately believe is one of the most exciting voices currently writing plays. A fascinating piece within SMJ's canon and a play that both managed to get me to care about wrestling but also see all the innumerable problems. A to-die-for lead part as well
  • The Eleventh Star
    2 Jun. 2021
    Beautiful, lived in, visceral, and abstract. This is what theatre should be. A masterpiece.
  • The Sprinkler
    28 May. 2021
    A wrenching look at the dying years of childhood. Race, religion, and class come together to make for a true American tragedy. Fabulous.
  • Moon Bear
    26 May. 2021
    Yasss to seeing nonbinary representation in a play that isn't fully about their gender identity and trauma with it! Also a really sweet and lived-in sibling relationship that warmed my heart
  • there will come a time for vengeance
    13 Apr. 2021
    Angry, funny, and moving in equal measure. Marlin has created a really powerful work that I desperately hope I get to see on-stage some time soon. Our theatrical and political history is put under the microscope and the balance sheet is far from good. Marlin sets fire to the theatrical canon and makes you glad to watch it burn A powerful work
    12 Apr. 2021
    A wonderful and challenging play. A great example of how political art can (and should!) dialogue with its audience. Chary is a real talent and one to watch
  • SWAY
    14 May. 2020
    Sexy, scary, powerful, and exciting. This is SMJ's masterwork. A bold new play about the present, I was shocked by every twist and turn of this play. This play is absolutely of the present moment and I can't wait till it's inevitable Off-Broadway debut. A very insightful and powerful examination of our modern condition.
  • A My Name Is Allison
    4 May. 2020
    An incredible mixing of genre. This play succeeds at being both laugh out loud funny (even on the page), deeply creepy, and legitimately moving. Truly the best absurdist horror romantic comedy I've ever read. Hope that we get to see this produced soon!
    10 Jan. 2020
    I'm not sure when I last read a play that felt as truly and deeply brave as "Settlements." This play is one the fiercest critiques I've ever read of how art is forced to bend to the politics of those who fund it. I was shocked and impressed with every page at how radical Rozin is willing to be in his exploration of how plays live and die in the American theatre when they are about things that some don't want to talk about. Reading this play for the first time felt like a revelation.
  • A Moving Picture
    7 Jan. 2020
    A fierce, violent, funny, sad, and thought-provoking new work. The shape of this play is really fascinating and I want to spend a lot of time with it, breaking it apart and seeing how the form of the play supports and subverts the content of it. A fascinating new take on the 'issue play' that challenges the whole notion of the genre. The constant re-living of societal trauma through art is put on trial here and the playwright doesn't allow us to have an easy way out. A true achievement.