Recommended by Enid Brain

  • Stacy & Mia
    1 Jan. 2020
    A moving and vibrant new work that shows how class and circumstance can ruin our personal relationships. The sort of new play we should be exploring in 2020
  • small town icons
    27 Aug. 2019
    I was lucky enough to read a draft of this play while it was still in development. SMJ has created here a powerful and contemporary piece of theatre. In typical form, SMJ challenges every theatrical convention (including play formatting) and comes away with a piece of anti-poetry--beautiful in its rage, touching in its perversion, and deeply personal and human. This play should be given a production as soon as possible and whoever is lucky enough to snag the premiere right might very well be able to say that they got in on the ground floor of the next contemporary hit.
    7 Mar. 2018
    This play is beautiful. Nuanced, important, and well constructed. A great example of a one-person show.
  • Ripe Frenzy
    30 May. 2017
    This play is brilliantly constructed with fascinating characters. Barclay layers on levels of tension in a masterful way with a climax that, even though you know it's coming, still hits hard and fast. This play is important, interesting, and painful. I was choking up just reading it and I do not have any children. This play should be performed often and well.