Recommended by Derek Lee McPhatter

    24 Jan. 2021
    I love the thought experiment activated in this play. A very compelling framework that brings us towards a challenging and necessary disruption. Really appreciated the theatricality too. Compelling work!
  • Course Society
    24 Jan. 2021
    With the right team, this play will do very well on stage. There’s a clear, strong, unified sense of humor driving this script. The wit in the language is a joy to experience, and I imagine the actors will take special delight in all the word play and the opportunities for physical comedy.

    So much of American comedic history is steeped with social attitudes which just don’t work for today’s diverse audiences. But Course Society doesn’t punch down; its rich comedic world welcomes everyone to join in the fun.
  • Rabbit Summer
    24 Aug. 2019
    This is a well crafted, funny, character-driven exploration of some of our most pressing social issues: police brutality, gun violence, racial tumult, manhood and ways of loving. A very pointed and well-crafted narrative from Tracey Conyer Lee that deftly moves through tough subject matter without seeming preachy or heavy-handed. It packs quite a few punches, and the humor catches you by surprise. Can't wait to see this on stage.
  • Black Lady Authority
    18 Jul. 2019
    Wow. So happy this one was recommended to me. This is an exciting theatrical reflection on the potential of storytelling to inspire. The near-future setting is disturbingly plausible, as is the all too familiar tragedy that informs the "given circumstances." Even so, skillful use of comedy and self-aware theatrical conceits keep the narrative moving right along. An altogether unique and thought-provoking piece that effectively moves us towards hope and resilience. I can't wait to see this staged. Bravo.
  • Derailed
    7 Jul. 2019
    This is a strong piece. The characters jump off the page in ways actors and audiences will savor, and the plot-line is a skillful reflection of current social and cultural fault lines, without seeming like a "problem play" that talks down to us. Derailed invites us to join these characters as they try to do the best they can with what they've got. Then deal with the consequences. That's how I interpret it anyway. I look forward to buying a ticket to this one.