Recommended by Susan Middaugh

  • A Night at the Human Garden
    9 Nov. 2023
    What an unsuspecting Chinese restaurant manager has to go through from his customers' unrealistic expectations. Wow! Jeff does a great job of creating a crazy situation with humor and empathy for the manager.
  • In the Name of Love (ten-minute play)
    9 Nov. 2023
    Mom's baking a cake, she's made cookies. Sounds like a household set in the 50s? Right? But along with all of that, she's planning to date someone other than her husband of 35 years while sharing news with friends who have found a new use for bridges. Lots of plot twists that bring us down one rabbit hole, then another while her daughter Kathleen expresses horror at her mother and father's plans to each post their profile on a dating site. Produce it!
  • THE DATING POOL (10-minute version) comedy
    29 Sep. 2023
    Brave encountering of her past lives and the mistakes that go with them by one woman who hesitates to dip her toe once again into the dating pool. Dialogue is rueful, revealing and ultimately life affirming. The main character is a swimmer! Theaters should go for this.
  • Face to Face with the Enemy
    29 Sep. 2023
    This play starts out one way, then diverts into a completely different direction, not once but twice. Judy Klass has taken a pat situation, a wronged wife confronting "the other woman," who end up being sympathetic to one another. Loved the fact that "the other woman" met the wayward husband when she delivered a singing telegram to his office. The dialogue is riveting and shows insight into what might help a surgeon do what he does. This one-act deserves many productions. Play on, Judy.
    19 Jul. 2023
    What starts out as a conflict over a new song ends with a rousing chorus with the two antagonists, the audience and the MC. A tribute to aardvarks and the friendliness of open mics. Sing on!
  • A Light in the Dark
    19 Jul. 2023
    A church janitor impersonates a priest and in doing so befriends a desperate man who breaks into the church. Very uplifting. The real Jesus would have been proud.
  • Would You Still Be My Friend If?
    19 Jul. 2023
    There is a sense of foreboding and regret that is fulfilled by the end of the play. Although the boundaries that Jon sets for David seem reasonable, the outcome is still very sad and exposes the limits of friendship -- especially if you have only one. Well done, Emily.
  • The Fine Art of Critiquing the Hang of the Shoe
    7 Jul. 2023
    You get the sense that Dax and Quentin have lived together for some time, but their quirks are new and incomprehensible just as they are to the audience. Until? Dax explains why this one thing about disposing of her shoes reconnects her with her childhood --- a happy one. Good job.
  • Sisters from the Same Mister
    7 Jul. 2023
    Amanda does a sisterly turn around after being frosty to her newly discovered DNA family member. She discovers she and Dana have more in common than allergies and the need to share secrets, to dispose of them and to start new ones. Good job, Debra.
    6 Jul. 2023
    If you come to the theater hungry, this play will make you salivate. A spoof on dieting and contrasts galore. Enjoy!