Recommended by Susan Middaugh

  • The Rotary Phone
    22 Jul. 2022
    Very very clever perspective on how folks in the future might react to a rotary phone. They painstakingly try to figure out how to operate the thing and why it works that way. I loved the reference to the Suntrust Museum of Archaic Technology in connection with push button phones. How did Ruthie come 80 years into the future and startle them? It's magic, Bawana. Well done!
    20 Jul. 2022
    Donna reeled me in with the first line of the play: "Me, nervous? I tinkle ice water." The snappy dialogue continues in this clever play about an egotistical insurrectionist who believes everything a female hottie tells him on Zoom. Donna has my vote!
  • Playground Politics
    20 Jul. 2022
    Ashley pretends to be stupid about Annabeth's plan to seek revenge on Spencer. But by pitting Almyria against Annabeth, she foils the plot. Mean girls all three. Well done!
  • Senior Prank
    5 Jun. 2022
    A couple of seniors intent on creating a last hurrah in the form of pranks get an education in what not to do from a fellow classmate and their high school principal. A modern day morality play that features PETA, bird feeders, and poop.
  • Miss Direction
    2 Jun. 2022
    Intriguing play. The writer makes us work and lean in to figure out what's going on between these two sisters who appear to be in an art gallery (they're very critical of what's on the walls), but aren't. Louise vows to return as long as necessary until her sister Carrie can fulfill her desire to go to Moscow. Well done.
  • Tomorrow or Next Year
    2 Jun. 2022
    Much subtext here so it's hard to clearly identify what happened to these high school students. But there's a feeling of dread on the part of Caroline that whatever did happen could happen again. In contrast Mackenzie urges her friend to let the recipients of the postcards know they are not alone, someone cares and has reached out to them. Well done.
    25 Jan. 2022
    Very sweet play about two elderly folks, a man and woman, who share a bus shelter during some rain. They are strangers. She's standoffish at first while he's gregarious. He promises her flowers but instead. I love this line from her: "It's a weed." Time is short at their age. He asks her for a kiss and she gives it to him behind the umbrella. They each value privacy.
  • Call Center Jesus
    25 Jan. 2022
    Just a few bits of dialogue into this play, I knew I'd like it due to the following line: "Just hold another 2000 years, and a Deity will be right with you." This is a funny play about an overworked but cool Jesus who takes times and calls from anxious teens and counsels Annie "to read fashion magazines to be less weird." I loved the line that St. Agnes won't talk to Protestants like Annie. Great job.
  • Hand on Heart
    27 Dec. 2021
    During a very stressful life or death situation, two friends learn their assumptions about each other are unwarranted -- to theirs and the audience's delight.
  • Serious Moonlight
    27 Dec. 2021
    Grace, who has a reputation for being a good girl, breaks out of that stereotype by climbing on her cousin's roof with vodka in tow for herself and cousin Margaret. Grace insists on crashing an after-prom party that Margaret has been invited to, but Margaret refuses to go with her. Finally Grace is persuasive, but her daredevil tactics backfire at the last minute, a nice twist. Loved the line: "don't name your kid after a virtue because she'll do nothing but disappoint."