Recommended by Rachael Carnes

  • A Certain Pedigree
    15 Jun. 2024
    Pure delight. From bouncy dialogue to the vision of costumes replete with ears and tails, I'm in. Who wouldn't want to act in, direct and/or see a Dog Play?! This is the 10-er we needed, like a coming of age trip to the dog park. Charming, relatable, and perfect for all ages. So fun.
  • Portals
    12 Jun. 2024
    A brilliant exploration of an improbably imaginative moment - the discovery of a spacetime portal - and the ensuing existential question it provokes. Wild's dialogue draws the reader in, and the portal lends itself to an exquisite physicality, as the two characters navigate the space. This would be a field day for a creative team to plumb for all its potential.
  • The Uninvited
    5 Jun. 2024
    Heartbreaking and honest, this monologue offers so much for an actor to explore, as the character unzips their public costume, peels off their forward-facing mask, and reveals what we can never really know: What someone's experiencing on the inside.
  • Smile, Baby
    4 Jun. 2024
    A perfect turnaround, short and loaded with meaning. Haas gets at the everyday annoyance/terror of verbal assault and creates a fantasia of comeuppance. This would be wonderful to see onstage!
  • Neither One Of Us
    3 Jun. 2024
    Sometimes even 'happy' occasions reveal our sadnesses, and Lang's lovely play explores the subtleties of loss, and the way that our emotional interiors need to be witnessed. With humor and touching connection, Lang offers plenty of range for creative teams to work with.
  • Annnd Scene (of the Crime)
    20 May. 2024
    When my two favorite go-to shows ('Whose Line' and 'Law &Order') get a mashup, I'm here for it. What a HOOT Busser's play is on the page, and I can only imagine the guffaws of an audience along for the ride! Bracing pace, bonkers set-up, **and** a persistent percussive instrument as an added character voice? Bravo! This is a genuinely novel idea and would be an absolute treat onstage.
  • Vegetables are Revolting!
    23 Apr. 2024
    Okay, this is a giggle fest from start to finish! Norkin's wordplay ("chairveg" - Ha!) and groaning puns delight, and when we somehow find ourselves in an early Kubrick epic with a dozen vegetables, well, I was very pleased. This play would be such a fun one for student actors, especially. There's lots of room for an ensemble in the produce aisle!
  • And Try NOT To Enjoy Your Stay
    22 Apr. 2024
    In a world where the line between traditional museums and selfie-driven experiences blurs more every day, Busser cleverly envisions an invitation where the audience itself is teed-up to be on exhibition. And, spoiler alert, this isn't A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte OR with George. This is museum as Hurt Locker, with fearless and chipper Tour Guide Laura summoning listeners into their own demise. I can see and hear the ways creative teams could enjoy defying expectations in the staging, as the walls slowly close in... Superfun!
  • Cue
    9 Apr. 2024
    A delightful farce that's all-too-real for anyone who knows the trials and tribulations of community theatre. With Danley's hilarious dialogue, and the cadence and rhythm of its characters' escalating desperation, sight gags aplenty and even a last-moment gag, this play's a gem from start to finish. It's a wink to play-making that the audience at Oregon Contemporary Theatre ate up with a spoon. This is the perfect addition to a 10-minute play festival, and a terrific scene study for any team. Pure delight!
  • The Suitcase (Short Play)
    6 Apr. 2024
    A post-pandemic play that asks us - is the funniest way - to explore what we lost, or rather, how our lives got *smaller*, Arsenault's witty dialogue braces along at a clip as three siblings ping-pong on and off one another's nerves, wrestling with a not-mini problem. I saw a fantastic production of this play at Oregon Contemporary Theatre, and would recommend the play to anyone who needs a laugh, and a gentle reflection on the challenges of becoming reacquainted with three dimensions after all that Zoom.