Recommended by Duncan Pflaster

  • En Las Sombras
    11 Sep. 2023
    A fascinating piece contrasting a hopeful creation myth with the cold reality of immigration politics. Great roles for versatile performers.
  • What Happens At Jock Night
    10 May. 2023
    A delightful piece presenting a Jock Night at a gay bar as a casual night out for some, while others struggle with body acceptance. Very funny and ultimately sweet.
  • Modern Gentleman
    17 Apr. 2023
    An intriguing look at the struggles of a trans man as he navigates the pathways of love, with his ex-partner, a new girlfriend, and his supportive friends and family. A unique perspective rarely seen on stages; full of wisdom and grace.
  • The Other, Other Woman
    4 Apr. 2023
    A lovely play that begins farcically, with a town of hypersexed citizens, and deftly treads into deeper emotional and romantic waters. This playwright knows how to play with verse and rhyming couplets until they break. A delightful piece for a large troupe of performers.
  • [UNTITLED CHRISTMAS CAROL PROJECT] A Holiday Story With Ghosts and Sticks
    28 Mar. 2023
    A chopped and remixed take on Dickens's "A Christmas Carol"; lots of fun with unexpected turns and an unusual moral. Some audience participation and puppets encouraged. Highly recommended for a theater looking for experimental and unusual (woke, in the good way) Xmas fare.
  • Just Right
    27 Mar. 2023
    A very fun and oddly moving piece about Goldilocks and Baby Bear meeting up for a Tinder date, years after she burgled his house. Great comic two-hander with fun roles for actors.
    27 Mar. 2023
    A touching piece about teenagers beginning a friendship under fraught initial circumstances. Deals with troubled family life in a touching way. Great roles for young people.
    14 Mar. 2023
    For fans of Warren Zevon, an elliptical dream-conversation between a rock musician in his darker years of abusing drugs and women and a female werewolf conjured up from his work who helps him stumble toward an understanding of how he could start to make things better.
  • Jagged Journey
    10 Mar. 2023
    An intriguing exploration of dealing with Epilepsy by anthropomorphizing it as a character, personalizing the struggles with protagonist's disability. Great opportunities for bold performers.
  • The Checkout Line
    20 Nov. 2022
    A funny short play where ghosts live (and shop) among the living, and one guy just can't help asking the awkward inappropriate ghost questions, full of microagressions, while waiting in line at the supermarket.