Recommended by Duncan Pflaster

    14 Mar. 2023
    For fans of Warren Zevon, an elliptical dream-conversation between a rock musician in his darker years of abusing drugs and women and a female werewolf conjured up from his work who helps him stumble toward an understanding of how he could start to make things better.
  • Jagged Journey
    10 Mar. 2023
    An intriguing exploration of dealing with Epilepsy by anthropomorphizing it as a character, personalizing the struggles with protagonist's disability. Great opportunities for bold performers.
  • The Checkout Line
    20 Nov. 2022
    A funny short play where ghosts live (and shop) among the living, and one guy just can't help asking the awkward inappropriate ghost questions, full of microagressions, while waiting in line at the supermarket.
  • Date with Death
    20 Nov. 2022
    A very funny dark comedy, with some great roles. Seen in production at New Jersey Institute of Technology.
  • Flowers in the Wardrobe
    27 Oct. 2022
    A fun and campy mashup of Flowers in the Attic and Narnia, could make an excellent late-night cult hit in the right venue. Full of silly references to the era and sex.
    1 Aug. 2022
    A very modern and often shocking adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, showing how extreme politics can tear society apart and especially the innocent citizens who just want to live their lives. The children of two politicians on opposite sides of the conservative/liberal spectrum in Washington fall in love, deepening the rift between their families and their parents' political parties. Relatable and thoughtful writing.
  • Pee Hot, or The St. Agnes Fiasco
    21 Jul. 2022
    A very fun and silly exercise in a doctor's office. Like Christopher Durang crossed with the movie "Airplane", full of entertaining jokes and puns.
    19 Jul. 2022
    A fun and fascinating piece of alternate Shakespearean history, positing that Dr. John Dee created William Shakespeare as an automaton to be a husband for Queen Elizabeth, but when she doesn't find him human enough, hires actors to instruct him in humanity. Clever and well-researched.
  • Educating Asher
    11 Jul. 2022
    A sweet play about the former bond between a gay teacher and gay student; when the teacher dies, the student and his boyfriend crash the funeral, and the ghost of the teacher visits the student. Touching and unusual in its treatment of gay mentor/student relationships.
  • Neon Glowing New
    17 Jul. 2021
    A sweet and unusual story about the freedom of 90s rave culture and what it can mean to open your mind to new experiences. Funny, touching, and well-observed.