Artistic Statement

Artistic Statement

When I was nine months old, I started talking and - as my parents always joke - I haven’t stopped since. It made sense that I would become a writer, using my words to tell stories.

I write plays to bring people together, to entertain, and examine topics with a mix of humor and heart. I love to take events or stories that are familiar to audiences, but make them look at them from completely different angles and perspectives.

I’ve always been fascinated with hypotheticals - the What-If’s, the Would-You-Rather’s, the No-Win Scenarios - and how people respond to adversity, especially when the “right” answer isn’t black or white.

Life is awkward and messy and I embrace those moments in my writing. In the awkward, we often find honesty.

I want audiences to come to my plays and have a good time.
If they think a little bit, that’s a plus.
If they feel, that’s the goal.