Recommended by Sarah Tuft

  • The World's Next Tooth Fairy Is Marci Peterson
    14 Jan. 2019
    “The World’s Next Tooth Fairy Is Marci Peterson” is absolutely one of my favorite ten-minute plays ever! The story perfectly captures the contrast between the exuberant confidence of youth and the seasoned skepticism of experience. These powerful insights are expressed with sidesplitting laughs and rapier wit but also tremendous compassion. In an age where identity politics is the go-to topic for authors and artistic directors alike, ageism remains a terrain where few dare to go. Bravo to this brave playwright!
  • around and around and around the static sun
    14 Jan. 2019
    “around and around and around the static son" is an exhilarating examination of gender politics. The play, with its compelling characters—their yearnings and acts of desperation—brings home how our deeply engrained sexism affects us all, and especially how it dims how women see themselves in the world. This important theme is expressed so playfully, and with such wit, one is tempted to call it “a fun romp into the nature of oppression,” until the playwright goes even deeper to explore how ultimately, no matter in whose hands, patriarchal power corrupts.
  • The Lady Demands Satisfaction
    24 Sep. 2018
    I had the pleasure of seeing the LA premiere of Arthur M Jolly's THE LADY DEMANDS SATISFACTION. Though ordinarily I'd resist the temptation to make so obvious a pun, to say the play has rapier wit is a huge understatement. The play crackles with humor, humanity and sly winks to the audience. The actual swordplay is fantastic. And Jolly has scripted each duel so it's distinct in ways that reveal character and move the story forward. Although a period piece, the play's portrayal of powerful women makes it amply relevant. Touché, Mr. Jolly!
  • Black Super Hero Magic Mama
    17 May. 2018
    BLACK SUPER HERO MAGIC MAMA is that rare topical play that comes from the heart, not the head, which allows it to have a power beyond this moment in time, while being exactly that play for this time. Written before a “Black Panther” movie was even a thing, the play updates mainstream superhero mythology with images of African and female empowerment to show the power of mothers, black mothers in particular, and sisterhood. A tour-de-force of writing power, BLACK SUPER HERO MAGIC MAMA is a devastating tragedy that weaves humor, wit and fury into a story that breaks your heart.
  • The Forest
    12 May. 2018
    Like its namesake, THE FOREST grows quietly and imperceptibly into a powerful immovable force that examines the interdependence of life and the ties that bind. Its characters-- Juliet, Pam, Miguel and Andrew-- each seek the light in their own tangle of branches and brush, occasionally coming together for a moment in the sun. I found this play to be an exceptionally empathetic and perceptive about what it is to be in another’s shoes. THE FOREST is a story about mothers and daughters, about the mistakes we all make, about dreams lost or deferred and most of all, about love.
  • Motherland
    1 May. 2018
    MOTHERLAND is a jewel of a play... delicate and shimmering. A kaleidoscope of memory and mission, heritage and healing, MOTHERLAND explores the nature of trauma, how it is passed on from generation to generation and how it is confronted at long last. It’s a testament to the power of love and to mothers and daughters everywhere… All this, while being both deeply engaging and very entertaining!
    13 Mar. 2018
    The Subject is a smartly entertaining play reminiscent of drawing room comedies. But don't let the petticoats fool you. As giggles yield to wails, The Subject shows the anguish of growing up female... in ways that continue to plague us. This powerful timely play also masterfully subverts genre. Why do we expect gaiety from period pieces filled with female players? Where are women’s stories of disempowerment, harassment and violation? Well, they're right here in this play. The Subject is like a pint of Guinness... all froth and effervescence until you get to the end and realize you've been clobbered.
    19 Jan. 2018
    Donna Hoke’s ELEVATOR GIRL packs a powerful punch. Riffing off the hyper-sexualized world of superhero comics, the play turns that world on its head to reveal the damaging impact of its inherent misogyny. ELEVATOR GIRL’s relatable contemporary characters give the play a light touch while drawing us in for its quietly moving revelations. Witty and poignant, this is a play for today’s #MeToo era.