Recommended by Bruce Karp

  • TWO OLD MEN SITTING ON A BENCH (a gentle short comedy)
    24 Mar. 2023
    This is a sweet story of trying to accept the ups and downs of life...especially the downs, once a certain stage of life is reached. O'Neill-Butler's dialogue is, as always, sharp and relatable - same can be said for the two characters. As someone in their age group, I can only say that there's much to think about. Great roles for older actors.
  • If it Fits
    21 Mar. 2023
    Feeny-Williams has written an empowering play about a woman who has simply had enough - enough of a husband who belittles her, (on her birthday, yet), and a boss who treats her like a dishrag. Go Jane! And, Jane's epiphany is explosive and well-earned, and would likely earn cheers from the audience. Hope it gets the production it deserves.
  • After the Garden
    21 Mar. 2023
    Love the spin on this long-term marriage. It certainly is relatable to anyone in such a relationship. Haas has written a comic scenario that would have been right up the alley of Mike Nichols and Elaine May. (Look them up, young 'uns...). It's sweet, funny, and meets all the requirements of keeping kosher. Well done!
  • R/Eject
    21 Mar. 2023
    As someone who frequently wakes up at five a.m., thinking of how I'm going to try to solve problems with a play I'm writing, I could identify with "One" and "Another," the play's characters. Weibezahl has written a delightful tennis match between a writer and his conscience that should resonate with writers trying to write and even non-writers who are trying to solve life problems. Seems this would be easy to produce and would be a delightful part of any short-play festival.
  • Climbing the Corporate Bladder
    21 Mar. 2023
    I must say, I've not read anything like Busser's "bladder play." I can already hear audiences howling with laughter at the concept and execution, and kudos to the first theater company that provides a set with nine urinals. Without giving any more away, let me say I heartily recommend this crazy comic gem.
    14 Mar. 2023
    What a wonderful monologue for an actor, full of comic images, many opportunities for pithiness and sly, social commentary about the state of theater and the changes in audience perception and behavior. One can only imagine the caller leaving for the toilet during each act, falling asleep, opening candy wrappers or worse, eating one of those McDonalds burgers during the four hour romp of the play. Smith has ticked all the boxes of why attending a play is more challenging than ever.
  • ONE
    14 Mar. 2023
    Premise - clever. Successful - yes.
  • Urashima Taro
    14 Mar. 2023
    Wonderful detail and story telling in this short Japanese fable. The story moves along beautifully with strong imagery. The temptation for Taro to open the box is too much, not unexpected, but the result is surprising nonetheless. I can imagine this as a full-length play, so Norkin's ability to bring so much life to the story in a short form is impressive.
  • Divided Requiem (One Act)
    14 Mar. 2023
    Donnelly has written a powerful and heartbreaking story, with verbal twists and turns that show great craftsmanship. I couldn't take my eyes off the page as the story was unfolding. The emotional impact was strong. Actors will have a field day performing this play, which would be a great addition to any play festival.
  • The Fake
    10 Mar. 2023
    The demands of social media can sometimes be challenging, yet others embrace it, and others go even further and devote their lives to it. In this hilarious, spot-on commentary on social media, Brian Cern captures both the ridiculousness and potential benefits of going all in on social media. The two roommates, as different from each other as they can be, have different attitudes that will be amplified throughout the play, to a satisfying ending. Damage control may be necessary. A fun romp for the actors who get to play in this playground.