Recommended by Kamarie Chapman

  • how to clean your room (and remember all your trauma)
    15 Sep. 2020
    This play. This beautiful play. A play about the loss of friendship. About being fucked up and not able to fix that. Being shoved into adulthood, but what does that even mean any more. About screwing everything up and having to move on.

    Beautiful. Hard. Darkly funny. Puppets too.

    Don't pass this one by.
  • Johnny 10 Beers' Daughter
    3 Mar. 2020
    This script is one of the more honest depictions of the veteran experience. It’s easy to be distracted by the glamour of heroes in war... “War Heroes”. But there’s the reality of existing as a soldier that never actually goes away. Formby portrays this broken reality beautifully. The characters are fractured memories of the “heroes” we encounter every day. This is a play the needs to be produced- over And over again til the war stops.
  • Black Girl, Interrupted
    27 Aug. 2019
    This play is hard. Hard on my heart and my head and so, so, so very important. LyaNisha weaves the story together creating characters that sometimes feel like puppets in the military interludes. Such a beautiful and relevant work. This story needs to be told.
    11 Mar. 2019
    This play tells the story of the West being settled through the lens of non-traditional frontier peoples (and some traditional). Idris' language is so beautiful- Shakespearean in fact. It's hard to start reading this play and even think of putting it down. Each scene flows like little pools of water trickling down gently into another pool. The characters are beautiful and raw. And once you figure out that you (we all of us) are the resolution we so desperately want, the play takes on a whole new meaning.