Recommended by Wendy Graf

  • Yellow Wallpaper 2.0 2020
    20 Mar. 2024
    Wow! Incredible writing and acting! I felt like I was unravelling along with her and for all the same reasons. Brava, brava!
  • The Pact
    10 Jun. 2022
    In The Pact YOU ARE THERE! Melocchi wraps you up in his world - You smell the smells, you hear the sounds and the voices, you see the places, and by the end of the play you know these people and you love them, despite everything. They are real, and you are immediately invested from page one. Complicated, multi layered characters, struggling to deal with what life has thrown them while trying to maintain a bit of dignity and a place in the world. It's a powerfully heartbreaking look at love and friendship, roots, and home.
  • Andy Warhol's Tomato
    5 Sep. 2019
    A gem of a play! Delightful, uplifting and inspiring - celebrates our similarities and the roots of art. You can't help but smile!
  • The Super Variety Match Bonus Round!
    13 Sep. 2017
    Creative script, delightful roles for a range of actors, and, all in all, beautifully realized.