Recommended by Dave Osmundsen

  • Hocking Murray
    5 Oct. 2017
    A wildly clever and funny, yet deeply philosophical and thought-provoking comedy. The writing is crisp and sharp, and the plotting is well-paced and surprising.
  • Route 84 House Fire: Three Miles from Train Tracks, Nine From a Hydrant
    5 Oct. 2017
    Mysterious, haunting, and intriguing. When I saw it at the Midwest Dramatists Conference, the audience was enraptured, holding their breath until the final shocking line of the play.
  • Scared of the Dark
    5 Oct. 2017
    A quietly devastating two-hander. We've seen the tropes depicted here before, but Seidel draws them in such a unique, specific, and very real manner that it feels like you're seeing them for the first time. Beautifully done.
  • A Moment of Clarity
    5 Oct. 2017
    A gorgeously written, concise, and moving depiction of a father/son relationship. The dialogue is spot-on, the characters feel fleshed out and real, and the story is powerfully resonant. In only ten minutes, I was captivated, moved, and felt as if I had experienced a full-length play.