Recommended by David Hilder

  • Pink Moscato
    4 Nov. 2023
    Officially creepy in the finest way. My favorite scary things (books, movies, plays) begin like this one, in the most casual way ... and then take a turn. Chilling. Modern Poe for the win.
    16 Oct. 2023
    I love few things more than a caustic female lead. Holly, in THE FALL, is one of the all-time greats, and the play she centers is a truly grown-up pleasure. Funny how not knowing what to say isn't necessarily a thing we outgrow; the key appears to be finding someone who understands what we're not saying. Beautiful work.
  • The Bad Shepherd
    24 Aug. 2023
    The deep, unrelenting, and thoroughly admirable and enjoyable weirdness of this domestic ... comedy? ... is so very welcome. So much fun, so dark, so splendid. Woot, Prillaman!
  • The Oktavist
    1 Aug. 2023
    A beautiful play, perfectly scaled to capture both the moment it represents and the current moment we're living in. Moving and funny and, yes, sad. Hooray for Vince Gatton.
  • Fourteen Funerals
    1 Aug. 2023
    Just so wonderful, this two-hander that feels so full of life and lives. Incredibly funny, appropriately deep, silly and serious and significant. I hope so much to see this play in three dimensions, because I know I'll have a great time should I have that chance.
  • Pandora's Box of Donuts
    26 Jul. 2023
    Such a beautifully realized conversation about deep despair and reasons to not think about it. Gosh, what a warm, loving play about a nearly impossible struggle. A small marvel.
  • Welcome to the Taj Palace (motel)
    9 May. 2023
    The depth of feeling here is belied by the swirling atmospherics, but don't be fooled: Sachdeva is exploring potent themes including assimilation, motherhood, the struggle for authentic identity, and much, much more. Such a terrific, terrific experience -- a wild ride well worth taking.
  • Nurture
    11 Jan. 2023
    "I think there may be more wrong with you than there is with me." This hilarious and terrifying play lives fully in this line and in all the rest of them, too, as Cathy and Doug talk across each other for about 100 gripping pages. Not for the faint of heart, but more than worth a read for the truly daring. Wonderful work.
  • Ridgway
    30 May. 2021
    Oofffff. What a great play -- a powerful, deeply personalized story about large issues and how they intersect with individual lives. On the page, the piece is so strong; I can imagine it being multiple times stronger fully realized (so, theaters, get on it). I intend this as high praise: Man, would I love to direct RIDGWAY.
  • Perfect Teeth
    7 Apr. 2020
    I have been lucky enough to direct this play twice, and was there when Dan first started writing it. I. Lovethisplay. A 60-minute two-hander that's a nuclear bomb. Extraordinary.