Recommended by David Hilder

    29 May. 2024
    Superb, superb writing. Such a deep exploration of the aching vulnerability of teenage boys, especially this pair of them, each struggling to stay afloat as the world around them recedes at every angle. I'm incredibly happy I read this play. You will be, too.
  • September in Biddeford
    6 May. 2024
    This is, in short, the most ridiculous thing I've read in ages, and that is high praise! A mash-up that defies logic yet works like gangbusters. Everyone should spend September in Biddeford.
  • Blank Slate
    10 Apr. 2024
    Unflinching and terrifying, in the finest ways. Gill's imagining of a not-very-future U.S., where the literal battles are between white and non-white people -- and where minds can be changed via the use of a machine designed for that purpose -- is deep, specific, and spot on. If drama is meant to spur us to think, BLANK SLATE is indeed great drama.
  • Funnie: The Most Lamentable Comedie of Jane the Foole
    28 Mar. 2024
    Holy mackerel. I'm entirely won over by this comedy of rage, this extremely funny vivisection of awful societal structures and strictures, this profound and sometimes profoundly silly and often very sad examination of, ya know ... horrible sexism built into our social norms. Every character is fresh and distinct, and the writer's voice couldn't be more clear as well. Love, love, love this one.
  • We Are Cranston
    22 Mar. 2024
    Well, hello, darkness, my old friend! But this darkness is of the most extreme (and extremely hilarious) variety. Dellagiarino Feriend has mined a horrifying set-up for every damn laugh possible. Kudos!
  • Age Play
    22 Mar. 2024
    I'll be thinking about this one for a long time, I suspect. A fascinating exploration of a pair of characters who feel sure they know themselves really well, but who -- like all of us -- are mysterious even to themselves. And they are entirely different, in ways that feel well limned. A strong play about what we desire, and why, and how much we lie to ourselves about all of the above.
    5 Mar. 2024
    This gorgeous, meditative play captures so many things about being a teenager so, so well -- the perpetual sense of being on the cusp of ... something; the odd admixture of uncertainty and complete certainty; and, above all, the pure ache of growing. The nothingness in the title belies the depth and subterranean breadth of everything the characters are living, processing. Beautiful writing, beautiful characters. Beautiful.
  • The End Is Nigh (And Yet, So Far)
    4 Mar. 2024
    If you're gonna spend the possible last few hours of earth's existence with anyone, definitely make it the characters in this play. There are so many laughs here, and a grounding in an extreme situation that feels so legible in our current world. Very, very good stuff.
  • The Curse
    27 Feb. 2024
    Chef's kiss to this utter charmer that features this writer's signature snap in a novel context. Totally winning. Beth, I promise I'm an ally!
    27 Feb. 2024
    Crushing, hilarious, beautiful, awkward, intelligibly tangled.
    This play, like, IS the teenage years, especially the queer ones.
    I can't express how much I love it. How glad I am to have read it, and OH GOD how much I would love to direct it (or just see it staged!).
    Brava, Femia.