Recommended by David Hilder

  • Ridgway
    30 May. 2021
    Oofffff. What a great play -- a powerful, deeply personalized story about large issues and how they intersect with individual lives. On the page, the piece is so strong; I can imagine it being multiple times stronger fully realized (so, theaters, get on it). I intend this as high praise: Man, would I love to direct RIDGWAY.
  • Perfect Teeth
    7 Apr. 2020
    I have been lucky enough to direct this play twice, and was there when Dan first started writing it. I. Lovethisplay. A 60-minute two-hander that's a nuclear bomb. Extraordinary.
  • First Chair
    20 Mar. 2020
    Charming as can be, with a terrific ending that both surprises and feels inevitable. A great ten-minute piece that would stage like a dream!
  • WAKE
    24 Jan. 2020
    Oh, it's just my favorite thing: A combination of genuinely funny, deeply spooky, and profoundly sad. Filled with palpable feeling without in any way being mawkish. Eminently ready for production. So get on it, theaters. Get. On it.
  • Hyannis
    3 Jun. 2019
    Suuuuch a strong play. Terrific, plausible characters in uncomfortably plausible circumstances -- the constant and implacable threats addiction poses are treated unflinchingly but with great nuance and compassion. A wonderful play I'd love to see.
  • Wendy and the Neckbeards
    10 Jun. 2018
    This play feels both huge and intimate, and it's to Bentley-Quinn's credit that she juggles the epic scale of on-line misogyny and the personal struggles of Jess and Wendy so aptly. How I wish this play were not so on point, but in our current world it's nothing but.
  • Cricket Woman Mother Earth (or) A Nasty Comeuppance
    16 Feb. 2018
    Intense, wildly creepy, and entirely theatrical -- Aura and Billy's battle with each other, with a ruined world, and most of all with irritating crickets is gripping from first to last. This is a powerful look at the end of our planet, and a dissection of just how culpable we all are. Terrific.
    5 Dec. 2015
    A powerful, significant play examining, among other things, straight male terror of fully empowered women. Chilling and funny and serious and frankly amazing.
  • Technicolor Life
    1 Dec. 2015
    I just love this bold, seriously American play. The strength of Brandli's writing lies in her flawed, fully human characters -- they're great to spend time with, and their story here is gripping and powerful. I hope this piece gets produced everywhere.
  • Anatomy of a Hug
    12 Aug. 2015
    Deft, funny, and heartfelt. Amelia's powerful defence mechanisms feel entirely earned, and lead to a beautiful payoff at the end of the play.