Recommended by David Hilder

    11 Aug. 2015
    A truly insane look at the nature of love and attraction by means of techniques that should in no way be used in actual children's entertainment. A wild ride, funny, weird, terrific. All that in just a few pages.
  • Four and Twenty Draculas
    5 Aug. 2015
    Playful, inventive, hilarious and moving -- Dan McCoy finds a fantastic new spin (or set of spins) on well-established folklore, and the result is smashingly theatrical and never less than interesting. Love it.
  • The Joyce Kilmer Service Center
    22 Jul. 2015
    I just love this play -- it totally caught me off guard while also feeling inevitable. A really strong short play about our contemporary American race problem.
    16 Jul. 2015
    A terrific exploration of core concepts of good and evil that's suitable for audiences of many ages. Subverting the superhero genre to the ends of a deeper look at our unconscious desires to do right AND wrong is a matter for a deft writer to tackle, and Suilebhan is clearly just that.
  • Hair Tuck, Half Smile
    16 Jul. 2015
    A Russian doll of a play, with a center rooted in guilt and loneliness. A lovely, lovely play -- and very funny, to boot.
  • FLOWERS IN THE DESERT (the play)/EIGHT DATES (the audio series)
    15 Jul. 2015
    There's a whole lot of history between characters Britt and Joe, and Donna Hoke's command of their complications and great humor means we want to know more, all the time. A terrific, very grown-up story of what can go wrong between people who love each other, and how hard it can be to right the ship.
  • Hoist
    11 Jul. 2015
    To call these damaged characters "complicated" is to undermine the very word. Lane's control of tone, pace, and character, and her love of language, are on full display in this funny, savage play about how hard it is to stay open when life has hurt you over and over.
  • Hookman
    5 Jul. 2015
    What an intense ride Lexi takes -- and we're along for every second of it. Lauren Yee's HOOKMAN is a powerful examination of how hard it is for young women to be heard, perhaps especially by themselves. A knockout of a play.
  • Prepared
    1 Jul. 2015
    A scary look at a scary contemporary reality. Gave me shivers.
  • The Unlikely Ascent of Sybil Stevens
    1 Jul. 2015
    This is a fantastic play -- tight as a drum, suspenseful, and filled with a depth of feeling and great moments of humor. I always want to know where the next moment will find Sybil, a wholly three-dimensional character.