Recommended by Alyssa Cokinis

  • Closet Cat
    25 Aug. 2022
    I adore this monologue from a cat's perspective of the pandemic. It adds humor to these strange times. It was a pleasure to feature this monologue in some scripts Issue 4: Outbreak!
  • Egypt
    25 Aug. 2022
    The slow reveal over the course of this monologue as to what happened to our narrator, the fetus, leaves the reader/audience with haunting lines. I also appreciated that the character spoke about how they were wanted and loved vs. people who may deal with unwanted pregnancies: this is all the more important in our post-Roe world. It makes it all the more visceral and disturbing that Egypt's and their mother's life was cut so short by such horrific violence. Featuring this in some scripts literary magazine Issue 5 was a privilege.
  • A Hopeful Transmission
    25 Aug. 2022
    This bittersweet play gives a wonderful spin on the telemarketer by giving us a little hope and a beautiful monologue to conclude the play. It would be great both staged and via audio only. I'm so grateful it was featured in some scripts literary magazine Issue 5!
    25 Aug. 2022
    Even killer clowns need therapy appointments. This absurd yet relatable ten-minute play gives us something to relate to in terms of pre- and post-pandemic: what we're missing out on, what's changed, and maybe what is hard to get back to. Rachael Carnes's witty dialogue and humor make this a wonderful play to read and to stage. It was a pleasure to include it in some scripts literary magazine Issue 5!
  • G'Oy Vey!
    25 Aug. 2022
    This delightful Zoom play breathes on the page as much as it would in the Zoom room. David Lipschutz juggles all 7 characters in terms of their entrances, exits, and moments so well that the play flows seamlessly. I'd love to watch this staged in Zoom, as the fast pace and the variety of characters create an incredible theatrical situation. It was such a pleasure to feature this fun, comedic one-act in some scripts literary magazine Issue 5 as well!
  • That Thing in the Bathroom
    14 Jun. 2022
    "That Thing in the Bathroom" criticizes capitalism and the workplace through the use of comedy and horror elements, making this play a must-read (and a must-produce!). The characters truly come to life and feel just like anyone else who is working in a coffee shop and dealing with an ignorant boss. Cal Walker writes witty dialogue, and it was such a pleasure to publish the play in some scripts literary magazine Issue 5: "What Now?" as a prime example of the power of new plays in today's modern theatre landscape.